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Tonic on Parmer

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Q: Austin TX bars showing Mayweather Marquez fight?
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Which channel in UAE is showing the Mayweather vs Marquez fight?

Al Jazeera Sports 1

Where can i watch the mayweather marquez fight in dallas?

Your house

When is mayweather and marquez going to fight?

19th September 2009.

Is mayweather promotions real?

Yes, it is real if you watched the Marquez, Mayweather fight you can see it says Mayweather Promotions in the red corner.

What Chicago bars are showing the Mayweather fight?

Mayweather and madain fight tonight. Where to watch the fight in Chicago?

Who did Floyd Mayweather fight before Shane Mosley?

Juan Manuel Marquez

Who won the marquez mayweather fight?

Floyd Money MayWeather in the 12 round by judge decision

Who did mayweather fight with last in boxing?

juan manuel marquez, who he beat on points in September

Are they showing the mayweather vs marquez fight on sky box office aswell as sky sports 1 for people who dont have sky sports can order it?

Im Guesing just SBO

Who will be Many Pacquaio's next opponent?

manny will probably fight mayweather jr next if mayweather wins his bout between juan manuel marquez

What bar in Denver showing pacquiao Marquez fight?

Primetime sports bar will be showing the fight between Paquiao and Marquez Dec 8th 2012.. IT TRULEY IS THE BEST PLACE TO WATCH UFC AND BOXING

How much did mayweather make for the marquez fight?

i think it was ten million dollars plus a percentage of the live gate and ppv revenue.