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about 12 or 13

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2010-06-25 03:08:52
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Q: At what age can a girl begin umpiring for netball?
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What age can a girl start netball umpiring?

You can start umpiring at any age, as long as you know and understand the rules. However proffessionally i would say about 16.

Who plays netball?

Well Netball is mainly a girl sport but boys and even men play netball. So anyone can play it. It doesnt matter about your age either.

How old do you have to be to start umpiring?

You can start umpiring at age 16 in most recreation league sports. It usually depends on the sport. For softball, it depends on which league you want to umpire in and where.

What age do you need to be when you play netball?

there is no age limit on netball it is a good sport for all ages.

Is there an age limit netball for?

yes when you are 50 you will need to quit netball or you can be a coach

How high is an Australian children's netball hoop?

For the smallest age group in netball in Australia, the ring is 10 feet high.

What is a netball club?

A netball club is a large community of netball players which consists of many different teams spanning from different age groups. They usually have the same uniform as one another.

What age can you start netball?

From the very young age of 5 for some clubs or older. You can play at any age. :D

When did Natalie Von Bertouch start playing netball?

Natalie started playing netball at a very young age. In fact she was nine years old when she started. I just want to know what influenced her to play netball.

At what age does a boy's body begin producing sperm?

i think 11 or 12 shoot imma girl i have no idea

What jobs can you get at the age of 12 years of age?

Well I'm 12 and I am BRILL at Netball! I've heard you can be a babysitter, Tudor people and that and I'm an Assistant Netball Manager at my Local Little League Netball club. But a few people at my school do some songwriting and they're only in Year 7.

What are strengths in netball?

your height and your age because the older you are the more knolage you have of the game

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