Arsene Wenger's first game as Arsenal Manager?

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October, 1996. Blackburn Rovers 0-2 Arsenal

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Q: Arsene Wenger's first game as Arsenal Manager?
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What is the current manager of Arsenal's first name?

Arsene is his first name, Wenger is his last name

Which English Premier League coach shares the first 5 letters of his first name with the club he coaches?

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger shares the first five letters of his first name with the club he coaches.

Who was arsene wenger first signing after joining arsenal football club?

It was Patrick Vieira.

Who was the first french manager to take charge of a club in the premiership?


Who was arsenal FC's first manager?

The first permanently appointed manager of Arsenal F.C. was Thomas Mitchell, who became the team's boss in 1897.

Who was the first arsenal manager?

Thomas Mitchell

Who was Arsenal's first manager?

The first person in charge of first team affairs was Sam Hollis who was manager from 1894-1897 when the club was still called Woolwich Arsenal. The first professional manager was Thomas Mitchell, who was manager from 1897 to 1898.

What nationality was the first arsenal manager?

Scottish. He was Thomas Mitchell.

How many football teams has Arsene Wenger managed?

Since his first managerial appointment in 1984, Arsene Wenger has managed four teams:1984-87 - Nancy-Lorraine1987-94 - Monaco1995-96 - Nagoya Grampus Eight1996-present - Arsenal

What is a reserve in soccer terms?

In Soccer a club has a 'Reserve Team'. A Reserve Team is a team full of players who the manager believes is not ready to play for the first team. Or when a player has been injured for a while, a manager would put him in the Reserve Team to get him back into the swing of Soccer. A Reserve Team are in a League and they play regularly. For example, Arsenal have a Reserve Team which Arsene Wenger put Aaron Ramsey in for a while as he had just returned from a year-long injury. Also, he placed Jay Emmanuel-Thomas in the Reserve Team who is 18 and Arsene Wenger didn't believe he was ready to play for the First Team.

What is Sleuth Lupin's first name?


Who was the first manager of Arsenal football club?

Thomas Mitchell

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