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They are white with black strips. If you look at one up close there is a white background to the zebra..

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Q: Are zebras black with white strips or white with black strips?
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Do zebras have black strips or white strips?

Zebras have black and white stripes.

are zebras black with white strips or white with black strips.?

they have more black so black with white stripes

What kind of predators do zebras have?

a zebra is black and white. the print is like black and white strips.

Does zebra print is black with white stripes or white with black stripes?

Zebras are actually black with white strips. I know it may be a shock but it is true

Are baby zebras black with white strips?

Baby zebras are like adult zebras. Although they are small, they have all the stipes they will ever have, as the youngster grows, the stripes grow. (Zebras are white with black stripes; if you look at their bellies, the black ends and it's white).

Why do zebras have black and white strips?

so they have a dizzy camoflage to hide from prey

Is a zebra black with white strips?

Yes. And it is this way because if Zebras were white with black stripes they wouldnt be able to survive in their enviroment.

Are zebras wight with black strips or black with wight strips?

its the same thing didnt you kno that

Are zebras black with white strips or white with back strips?

this is an age old question, something like what came first the egg or the chicken, in zebras it depends on how you perceive it, 50% think black on white, and the other 50% white on black.....

Why does zebras have strips?

If zebra's have strips that are black and white then predators find it hard to see because the back strips are making it harder to see if you knew that you will be smarter idiots and Dumbo's all of you that came o this site

Is a zebra white with brown stripes or brown with white strips?

It all depends on how you look at it. sorry. the information above is incorrect. zebras are really brown or black with white markings.

What zebras have black and white fur?

Most zebras have black and white fur, although I have never heard of a zebra that doesn't have black and white fur.