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I don't think so

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Q: Are you flexing your hip when touching your toes?
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Which of these exercises is a stretching activity?

Touching toes

What is the longest muscle in the body and what is its action?

It is called the Sartorius muscle located in the thigh. Here is the long definition. Assists in flexing, abduction and later rotation of the hip and flexing of the knee.

My hip hurts when I run. Does this mean I should stop running?

There are many stretches for hip pain such as hip flexing which is dropping your hips in a squat position the lean forward to the ground, and it would also help if you run less with hip injury.

What is the antagonist of the gluts?

The antagonist of the glutes, or gluteus maximus, is the hip flexors. These muscles are responsible for flexing the hip joint, while the glutes are responsible for extending the hip joint. Strengthening both the glutes and hip flexors is important for maintaining balance and stability in the hips.

Why touching the toes from a standing position produces more stress on the lower spinal column than when touching the toes while seated on the floor with outstretched legs?

because u r in a differebt position.

What does it mean when a cute boy is touching your toes with his?

That means he's playing footsie with you.

What are the beast ways to cure sore feet?

Stretch out your toes by pulling them back while flexing your feet. Lengthen out your toes for maximum effect for more comfort while you are walking so that way your feet won't feel crunched up.

When exercising a persons hip when you turn the persons leg outward so that the person's toes are pointing out and away from the body the movement is called what?

You are exercising a person's hip. You turn his leg outward so that his toes are pointing out and away from his body. This movement is called:

What is an example of flexabilty?

touching ur toes with ur hands without bending ur knees

What is an example of flexibility?

An example of flexibility is bending over and touching your toes without bending your knees.

What is example of flexible?

An example of flexibility is bending over and touching your toes without bending your knees.

Can you get gout in your chin?

I have had Gout in my toes, ankle, knee, hip, elbow, wrist, fingers and chin.