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Your sister is correct. Whether you are a boy or a girl you will develope these "bumps" at the onset of puberty, but the hormonal differences between male and female will cause breasts to develope in the female only. In the case of the male, the bumps will disappear after a time (don't worry, the boys have their problems too!). The bumps might be very sensitive and sore to touch...this is normal.

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Q: Are you breasts developing if you have two very small bumps underneath my sister says these are breast buds?
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Your sisters breasts started developing shes 7 and has 34b breasts is that too big at this age?

No. God has a plan for everyone. God had a plan for your sister and her breasts is part of it. Besides, who really cares how big your of your sisters breasts are? What about your straight A's or your backflip in gymnastics?

What does a 12 year old girls breast look like?

Well, I haven't started puberty yet. I'm 12 years old and I'm still flat chested. Oh wait… you're a girl. Sorry, I'm a boy. But a boy's chest should be flat chested or have puffy nipples. But my twin sister Is 12 and she is developing breasts. Hope that helps.

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How big is the average breast size for a nine year old?

i dont think big at all? probably none, like my nine year old sister. i dont think i got breasts until i was 11 or 12!

What if your mum has really small breasts but your sister had big breasts by the time she was 12 and you are 14 now and your breasts are still tiny is there any chance that they will grow?

It depends give them time

Is it right to touch sister on her breast?

If you are a doctor or medically inclined and looking for breast cancer lumps. Otherwise no.

Is it OK to touch your sister's breasts?

No, it's not ok.

Can you press breast of your sister in law?

yes we can as i have did number of times

Will you have the same breast size as your mother?

No my mom had my sister Katie and she is a dd

When did sister Dora die?

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How do you know if you will develop large breasts?

This is largely hereditary, therefore if your mother, sister, etc. have larger breasts you are more likely to as well.Develop some self respect...

What the normal size for breast at the age of 14?

there is no normal size of breast for any age it all depends on your genes you could have huge breast at the age of 14 or small breast. i am 15 and i have a 13 year old sister and her breast are bigger than mine it all depends on your genes.

What is the genetic correlation for breast cancer?

breast cancer is more prevalent in females who had a close relative (mother, sister, maternal aunt, or maternal grandmother) with previous breast cancer.

Can you have three breasts?

Yes it is possible to have a supernumery nipple, this rarely results in the formation of a full third breast however. It is not possible for a thid breast to be present between the normal two (as in films like total recall) and if a third is present it would have to be on the curved axis from the axilla to the hip. you are correct i happen to have a third breast but it doesn't grow . edit/ Actually, (and I am a different poster from the one above), more than nipples are also possible but rare. I have a full third breast in my arm pit. While my normal breasts are D cups my extraneous breast is a full A cup and full formed, though for appearance sake I did have the nipple removed. It now resembles nothing more than a slightly fattened armpit, it is noticeable and a little odd, but no one has yet known that it is a breast unless I specifically point it out. My younger sister has four, and the extra two are directly beneath the first two.

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because maybe her sister has a boyfriend and she doesnt, or better hair, or bigger breast. there's multiple reasons. just be happy with you and the life you have. jealousy is a waste of time.

Why aren't your breasts growing?

It all depends on your age and genetics. The normal time girls start to bud breasts is between 10-13. But everyone is different. And most likely, you will take after your mom or older sister. Sometimes your at the point of your life where your breasts have stopped growing, which is normal.

How old was Miley Cyrus when she found out she had tachycardia?

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When do breasts grow?

dunno... i mean, my sister was flat chested until 2 months from now, she suddenly grew to 34DD

Which women are poor candidates for hormone replacement therapy?

if they have: had breast or endometrial cancera close relative (mother, sister, grandmother) who died of breast cancer or have two relatives who developed breast cancer before age 40

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