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If the ball is loose, such as after a fumble, a player cannot deliberately kick or bat the ball in an attempt to either gain possession or prevent the other team from recovering.

Dropkicks, however, are legal. A dropkick happens when a player drops the ball in front of himself, as if he were preparing to punt, and kicks it after it bounces off the ground. Dropkicks used to be common in football, but they faded out of popularity once the ball became more pointed at the ends, to make it more aerodynamic for forward passes. The benefit of this play is that if the ball sails through the uprights from a dropkick, it counts as a score (either a field goal or an extra point, depending on the situation).

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Q: Are you allowed to kick the ball when it is on the ground?
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In lacrosse are you allowed to kick the ball away?

yes but only in a ground ball situation otherwise the ball will be given to the other team

Why do NFL kickers deform the ball on the ground before they kick?

Kickers do not deform the ball before they kick it.

What is the difference between a volley and a ground kick?

a volley is when you shoot without the ball bouncing and a ground kick is like you kick it without the ball moving e.g freekick and penalty pud or kai

Is the goalkeeper allowed to kick the ball outside circle?


Does the ball have to hit the ground for the kickers to recover an onside kick?


What is the difference betweeen a punt and a field goal in football?

A punt is when the kicker drops the ball and kicks it before it hits the ground. You cannot score any points on a punt (unless the receiver muffs or fumbles the ball, making it live). A field goal must be kicked off the ground, either by place-kick or drop-kick, and must travel between the uprights to score. A place-kick is where a holder places the ball on the ground for the kick. A drop-kick is where the kicker does not use a holder, and instead drops the ball and kicks it when it touches the ground or as it bounces off the ground.

Can the kicker punt the ball into the uprights on a fieldgoal?

I believe this IS allowed in the NFL so long as the ball leaves the kicker's foot before crossing the line of scrimmage. I can't recall though ever seeing this type of kick DONE in an NFL game. ---- A field goal is attempted when the ball is placed on the ground for the kicker to kick or when the ball is dropped to the ground and kicked once it touches the ground and starts its bounce back up. In other words, the ball must have touched the ground or is touching the ground when the kick is attempted for the attempt to be considered a 'field goal attempt'. A punt occurs when a kicker kicks the ball before it has touched the ground. No points can be scored by a punt. So the answer to the question, as I understand it, is no. No. If a punted ball travels through the uprights, no points are scored. The ball has to make contact with the ground before it's kicked to score points, either by placekick or dropkick.

What is it called when you kick a ball in kickball and it is caught before it hits the ground?

Out? What else?

Can you kick or head the ball when the keeper throws it into the air to kick it?

No. The keeper is still considered to have control of the ball when dropping it for a punt, so opposing players are not allowed to interfere.

w ball is on the ground, motionless. you kick the ball into the air. one energy transfer involved?

Is it kinetic energy?

Can you kick a volley ball on purpose in a volley ball game?

Not necessarily; you can bounce the ball off your foot, as long as your foot is on the ground, and it'll still be in play. If you kick it, though, it's a foul.

The ball in lacrosse can be blank off the ground?

yes it can and you can goose it out because you can kick it out of the scrummage

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