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Of course you can jump during a free throw but most players do not jump to have a consistency on their shot.

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Q: Are you allowed to jump during a free throw in the NBA?
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Is a player allowed to jump or leave the ground when shooting a free throw?

Yes, they are allowed to jump or leave the ground while shooting a free throw. But if they jump when they shoot and the tip of their shoe croses the line then the freethrow basket will not count.

Can you jump on a free throw?

You may only jump upwards. The point is that you cannot cross the free throw line during the shot attempt.

Is a player allowed to jump while shooting a free throw in men's basketball?

No, your feet must stay planted behind the free throw line.

Can basketball players jump in free throw?


Why is it a tactic in basketball to not foul jump shooters?

Often, jump shooters are accurate free throw shooters and percentages play in the jump shooters favor at the free throw line. For example, a good jump shooter might shoot 46-50% from the field, but at the free throw line this increases to 80% and higher (i.e. ~30% increase in getting 2 or 3 points). One exception would be if the jump shooter has a clear layup or dunk (virtually 100% success). In this case, fouling and preventing the basket is worth it.

How far was Michael Jordan's jump?

It is from the free-throw line which is about 10 away from the basket.

Can you jump during a fouls shot in basketball?

Yes, you may jump, as long as the shooter does not jump over the line. You may cross the free throw line once the ball hits the rim. Typically, pros do not jump, but it is more common to see juniors jumping since they may not be strong enough to reach the basket without jumping.

What is a field goal in basketball?

It's when a player makes a basket during the normal play of the game. Dunks, layups, jump shots, & 3 point shots are examples of field goals. A free throw is NOT a field goal because it doesn't occur during the normal play of the game.It is when you throw the ball into the basket

Can a jump shoot be taken when shooting a free throw?

You can shoot anyway your coach will let you. If it goes in your team is awarded 1 point and you get credit for 1 free throw. If you miss you get a 0 for 1 attempt.

Can lebron James jump higher then Michael Jordan?

No! Jordan can jump higher and he glides in the air longer. LeBron can't dunk from the free throw line.

What five events could people could compete in during the Greek Olympic games?

long jump,javelin throw,footrace,discus throw, and wrestling

How do you get to the end in minecraft for free?

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When fouled can you jump from the free throw line without passing the line?

Yes because its not in the rule book aying that you cannot

What are the 6 field events?

There are eight field events: high jump, pole vault, long jump, triple jump, shot put, discus throw, hammer throw and javelin throw.

Can a left handed pitcher throw to third base without stepping off the rubber?

The pitcher can throw to 3rd with a jump pivot , but he has to throw, he cannot jump pivot and fake a throw.

What are the different events in athletics?

,Races, long jump,high jump, javelin throw, disc throw, shot put, relays

What is a jump ball in basketball?

A jump ball is when two players line up around either the half-court line or the free throw line to jump and tip the ball after a referee throws it up. The rest of the players are around the circle, and both players doing the jump try to tip the ball to a teammate.

What are the 10 events of a decathlon?

A decathlon consists of 10 track and field events, which are held during two consecutive days. The events are: 100 meters, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400 meters, 110 meters hurdles, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw, and 1500 meters.

How do you do the grenade jump on plazma burst 2?

throw the grenade and then jump on it

What are the eight Olympic field events aththe 2012 Olympics?

There were eight events for the Women and also eight for the Men of the Long jump, Triple jump, High jump, Pole vault, Shot put, Discus throw, Javelin throw, & Hammer throw

When fouled can you jump from the free throw line without passing it?

As long as your feet do not make contact with the foul line, the semicircle connected to it, or anywhere outside of this area before the ball hits the rim, you may jump while you shoot.

Can you jump at a free throw line at basketball?

yes but not over the line, that's why NBA players don't as they are tall enough and don't want to take the chance

What is the jump ball rule?

In college and below when a jump ball occurs there is a possession indicator on the scoreboard, once the jumpball occurs which ever way the indicator points is who gets the ball. The possession changes every time this happens. In the NBA when a jump ball occurs, the two players involved have to do a jump ball at the free throw line.

Are women allowed to ski jump in general?

Yes, there are female ski jumpers but they are not allowed to ski jump in the Olympics.

What events were in the original pentathlon?

A long jump (hand weights were allowed), a javelin throw (a wrist strap was allowed), the discus throw, a "stadia" run which consisted of about a 100 meter sprint down to a very smooth pole and back -- with the runners holding the pole to turn themselves around, and wrestling! In the modern olympics (since 1896), wrestling has never been part of the program