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Technically there are no rules against this, but the correct way of spiking a volleyball is with an open palm

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Q: Are you allowed to hit a spike with your fist in volleyball?
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Fast offensive hit to a specific spot?

A spike is a fast offensive hit to a specific spot in volleyball.

What is another word for hit in volleyball?

a spike

How do you pike in volleyball?

YOu can spike in volleyball when you hit the ball down on the opposite team.

How is a spike ball hit volleyball?

A spike ball hit is when your hand is open and you hit the ball (hard) to the other side.

What hit should you use when the volleyball is coming towards you above your head in volleyball?


Another word for bump in volleyball?

Hit. Selahgirl

What is the attack in volleyball?

An attack in volleyball is when you are going up to hit a spike off of a set or a bump. This hit can also be known as a kill.

3ways to properly hit the ball in volleyball?

You can bump it, set it, and spike it.

What is the most offensive hit used in volleyball is the?

front row spike or kill

What is an underhand open palm hit called in volleyball?

Underhand serve

What is the difference between unlimited hit volleyball and volleyball?

unlimited hit you can hit it on your side as many times as needed. in normal volleyball you can only hit it 3 times and it needs to go over. usually a bump, set and a spike.

In which sport can you spike the ball over the net?

the sport u can spike the ball over the net is vollyball. the spike is also known as a slam