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No. Commentators just commented on this during Paraguay vs Japan

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Q: Are you allowed extra substitutions in extra time of a world cup soccer match?
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How many substitutions are allowed in a soccer match?

3 substitutions are allowed in a FIFA soccer match.

In soccer when is subs allowed?

Substitutions are allowed at any time during a game and teams are allowed to make three substitutions in a match.

How many substitutions are allowed in volleyball per match?

12 per game

Is there excessive subbing in soccer?

No. There is a limit of 3 substitutions per team in a match (90 minutes).

How many substitutions could they do 20 years ago in football soccer?

The number of substitutions is the same for over 30 years. This is three for each team of the match.

How many subsitution allow in football match?

a maximum of three substitutions are allowed per game

How many substitutes are allowed in a cricket match?

Substitutions are only allowed in a cricket match for very specific reasons. These include, injury, illness, or other wholly acceptable reasons.

How many substitutes may be used by a team during a match at the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

3 substitutions are allowed per match.

How many substitutions are allowed in the Champions League?

Champion's League games are officially sanctioned FIFA events and therefore follow FIFA tournament rules. As such, each team is allowed three substitutions per match.

When can you replace players during a soccer game?

FIFA specifies a limit of 3 substitutions per team per match.

When can either team substitute an unlimited number of players in soccer game?

Never. Substitutions are limited to 3 per match.

How many penalty shots are allowed in a soccer match?

There is no limit.

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