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In professional, college, high school, and almost all other regulation volleyball games a player does not get the opportunity for a reserve if the first serve does not go in. This rule may be used by some youth programs because they are just learning but any official game it does not.

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For people 14 years and under and think you have a bad toss you let the ball drop and hit the floor without touching it you then get another serve. If you serve it out you do not get a second serve. If you attempt to serve the ball then, no matter what age, the other team gets the serve and a point.

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Q: Are you allowed a second serve in volleyball?
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Are you allowed to serve with a fist in seventh grade volleyball?

No, you are not allowed to serve with a fist in any level of volleyball.

Is out on a serve in volleyball?

i do not understand your question. but you ca serve the ball out in volleyball.

Start clock hand signal on volleyball?

there is no time limit in volleyball except for the 30 seconds allowed for timeouts and 8 seconds given to initially serve the ball.

When can a volleyball player set a serve?

You can only set a serve if the serve is over your shoulders, and is a high float serve. Trying to set a hard or t op spin serve will only cause you to hurt or even break your fingers. You will also most likely miss it and lose the point.. your welcome(:

How many times is a player allowed to serve in volleyball?

It really depends on how old you are:If you are about 3-5 grade that you are only allowed to serve 5 times.But if you are any older it is unlimited.Unless your team messes up and the serve goes to the other team.

Is a libero in volleyball allowed to set?

Yes, the libero can set. However the libero may not block, attempt to block, or serve.

If a let is allowed because play is interrupted following the SECOND serve is the server allowed two serves or just one?

If a let is given it means you play the point again, for example 1. You get your first serve in and when playing the point you get a let. You now get to play your first and second serve. 2. You miss your first serve but get your second in and get a let during the the point. You now get to play JUST YOUR SECOND SERVE.

Can you block a volleyball on serve?


What are 2 things players in Volleyball are not allowed to do on a serve?

You are not allowed to cross the end line before the ball leaves your hand. Also, you're not allowed to catch the ball if you make a bad toss. You have to let it drop before the ref issues you a redo.

What class of lever is used during a volleyball serve?

above vi std players are used volleyball serve

Are net serves illegal in volleyball?

Absolutely, in fact in volleyball it is the predominant type of serve

Is there a position in volleyball that doesn't serve?

Every position in volleyball does serve. ---- All players rotate a clockwise direction therefore every player will ultimately have to serve