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Probably not. You couldn't in the prevous Smackdown games, so it's unlikely. I don't even think No Mery was made by the same comapny (I don't mean the system, I mean who produced the games.) that made: WWF Smackdown 1 and 2, Shut Your Mouth, Here Comes the Pain, or Smackdown vs RAW. It would be interesting to change the looks of the wrestlers, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that, being an option.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-31 20:56:40
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Q: Are you able to change the looks of the wrestlers on the roster in smackdown vs raw 2006 like you could in no mercy for the n64?
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Who is going to be on Smackdown vs Raw 2010 for smackdown?

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Will Jeff hardy be on the smackdown roster in svr 2009?

he should be but then again he could not be....i mean look at it like cars.....the year right now is 2008 but in car lots we have cars that say 2009 so ya idk if Jeff will be on smackdown in that game

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How do you put music on WWE smackdown vs raw 2009 on xbox 360?

Answer;wellonsmackdown vs raw 2009 you could change te music by pressing L3 0r was it R3 oh well but that's how to change the music i am not sure if you could do it on xbox.

What Smackdown vs Raw game has the dudley boyz?

I don't think any. I think it could be Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain. If not that then just Smackdown VS Raw ^_^

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Where could you buy Smackdown vs Raw 2011 CD for xbox 360?

you can buy smackdown vs raw cd at game shop.

How do you play as hornswoggle Smackdown vs Raw 2010?

you can't play as him in Smackdown vs Raw 2010. You can only have him as a manager. But you could if you had cheats perhaps

Where could you get cheat codes for Smackdown vs Raw 2008?


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Could you steal tiltes in smackdown vs raw?

Yes you could in road to wrestlemania mode and in multiplayer mode.

Where could you find Smackdown vs Raw 2011?

Smackdown vs. Raw is available at most stores that sell video games, such as Gamestop, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart.

When will Jeff Hardy return to Smackdown?

he could be back at wreastlermania 26 2010

How could I create Eddie Guerrero in Smackdown VS. Raw 2009?

Go To

Where can you get cheats for Smackdown vs Raw 08?

u can get smackdown vs raw 08 cheats on. and r u could buy cheat book with svr 08 cheats in it. or u could get the smackdon vs raw 2008 guide book. mkay

How do you unlock boogieman on smackdown vs raw 2010?

You can't. You could download him or create him through

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How on smackdown vs raw 09 do you get weapons into the elimination chamber match?

you cant because the ring is covered but on smackdown vs raw 2010 which will be released in November 2009 there could be a ECW Extreme Rules Chamber

Will Rob Terry return to the WWE?

i think yes because he could be the first smackdown wrestler of wales.

How do you unlock hornswoggle in smackdown vs raw 2011 on ps2?

Yes he is but you could only use him as a mananger.

Can you convert gameshark codes for smackdown 2008 to smackdown 2006?

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