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Q: Are women more athletic then men?
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Why did the women's NCAA tournaments begin after men's?

because men are better and more athletic than woman

Do men have more athletic ability than women?

Yes, as a rule..Men are stronger and faster, which are major athletic requirements..But females can and should compete in sports, it builds character, and is good exercise.

What benefits do men have over woman in sport?

I don't want to sound sexist, but men are generally stronger, faster, and more athletic in general than women

Do more women want to be men or more men want to be women?

men want to be women

What are the athletic programs for the University of North Dakota?

Athletic programs at the University of North Dakota include: Men's Ice Hockey (7 national championships) Women's Ice Hockey Men's Football Men's Basketball Women's Basketball Cross Country Men's Equestrian Swimming and Diving Tennis Golf Track and Field Men's Baseball Women's Softball Women's Soccer Women's Volleyball

Do women volunteer more than men?

Do women volunteer more then men ?

Is there more men or women in Ohio?

there is more women in Ohio than men

Are there more men or women in Kansas?

there are more women than men 😏

What is reason that more women vote then men?

there are more women then men in america.

Are the population of men more than women?

Their are more women than men :)

Is more more old women in Greece then men?

More or less everywhere, women outlive men, so there will be more old women than men in Greece.

What is one reason that more women vote then men?

there are more women then men in america.

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