Are wide skis faster

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No but they are better for powder snow

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Q: Are wide skis faster
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Which go faster in a slalom skis or snowboards?


What are the difference between long jump skis and regular skis?

if by regular skis you mean downhill skis, then longjump skis are similar, but they are nearly twice as long and twice as wide-- the greater surface area makes the ski jumper accelerate faster, thereby allowing him to travel farther off of the jump

Are skis faster than snowboards?


How does ski wax affect the speed of skis?

Wax to make it simple is slippery, this when placed on the skis reduces the friction between the snow and the skis, (yes there is some friction between skis and snow). The less friction, the faster your skis can glide across the snow, and the faster you go.

Are bigger skis faster than normal skis?

In general they are faster, however there are other factors that effect your speed while skiing. Also, at slow speeds longer skis are harder to control.

Are fibreglass skis faster?

Nope it is the ability of the skier. Not the skis. But fiberglass skis are probably lighter. But i dont think they would preform as good as skis with a normal base.

What is the difference between skis for jumping and skis for racing?

Skis for jumping are longer and wider for more air resistence, and skis for racing are long and have slick surfaces and have sharp edges for going faster.

Why are ski's waxed?

skis are waxed to reduce the friction with the snow and therefore if there is less friction then the skis will go faster.

Do you go faster when your skis are on the snow or when you are flying in the air?

that depends. If you are Going down hill then in the air is faster.

Where is the headquarters for Skis Direct located?

Skis Direct is headquartered in Meribel, France, with locations also in La Tania and Le Praz. Skis Direct carries a wide selection of ski and snowboard equipment.

What goes faster skis with no poles or a snow board?

It is not the type of Skis or is the person skiing or boarding. The skill level of the person also plays a factor in that. But there is different types of skis or boards you can chose from.

What goes faster skies or snowboard?

Skis. A snowboarder can't get into an aerodynamic tuck becaue they face sideways. A snowboard isn't as stable as two skis.

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