Are west ham getting relegated

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Yes they are!!!!!!! They are absolutely st!!!!!!!i hate them and if you support them you are a f*ing idiot!!!!!!!!!get a life and ask proper questions!!!!!

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Q: Are west ham getting relegated
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Who has been relegated in 2011?

The three clubs that were relegated were West Ham, Blackpool, and Birmingham City.

Who got relegated from premier league 2011?

West ham, Blackpool and Birmingham

Who was manager when west ham were relegated?

Tommy Docherty was in charge went they down to Division 2 in 1974. He took them straight back up the following season.

Which 3 premier league teams got relegated in 2011?

West Ham, Blackpool and Birmingham.

What are the names of the teams which were relegated from the premier league?

Birmingham city... blackpool.... west ham united

What are the odds bookmakers are placing on West Ham United Football club being relagated at the end of the season?

West ham united have a every chance of being relegated this year.

What teams have won promotion to the premier league after being relegated the season before?

west ham and reading

How many times have west ham won the league?

West Ham have been relegated six times. These were in ;193219781989199220032011

Which was the last team to play in both cup semi finals and get relegated from the premier league?

Middlesbrough in 1997. West Ham fan, perchance?

Will blackpool fc stay up this season?

I think they just might in the prem ths season. WIgan, Wolves and west Ham I think will get relegated.

Most relagated team from premiership?

West brom but the teams that will get relegated in 2011 will be west ham wolves and sadly blackpool

What is the east London premier league team?

There are no clubs which are classed as being in the east of London although teams like Arsenal are close. West Ham would have qualified but they were relegated to the championship in 2011