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No or almost Kane is undertaker half brother

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Q: Are undertaker and Kane actually real brothers?
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If Kane and undertaker are brothers then why do they have different last names?

In real life they are not actually brothers. It is just acting =]

Is john cena and Kane and undertaker brothers?

No. Undertaker and Kane are in storyline but not in real life.

Are Kane Undertaker true brothers?

I love undertaker Undertaker and Kane are brothers in real life.But,they are only half brothers. (p.s."I love undertake ISN'T a answer)

Are Kane and undertaker step brothers or real brothers?

step brothers

Is Kane and undertaker real brothers like with their real names?

No .undertaker's real name is mark calloway and Kane's real name is glnn Jacobs

Are undertaker and kane brothers in real life?

No they are not

Are undertaker and Kane real brothers?

They are not related. It is just a storyline. The Undertaker's real name is Mark Calaway. Kane's real name is Glen Jacobs.

Is undertaker and Kane is real brother?

They are not related in any way. they are not real brothers. it was just story line whice kept them connected.

Are the undertaker and Kane blood brothers?

No, not in real life! on tv they are half brothers

Kane and undertaker brothers?

in wwe yes in real life no

Are the WWE superstars the undertaker and Kane real brothers?

No. The Undertaker and Kane are not real life brothers. They were storyline brothers in the WWE. They were together referred to as "The Brothers of Destruction" and were multiple time Tag team champions. Apart from storyline relationships, they are not related in real life.

Are Kane and the undertaker brother in real life?

They are half brothers. Kane was adopted into Mark Callaway's (The Undertaker) family when they were babies since Kane's father died.