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Q: Are trousers and jogging bottoms the same?
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Were did Cheryl get her trousers in her new song?

Cheryl got her trousers in primark because they are acctually pyjama bottoms

Why are shorts better than jogging bottoms for tennis on a hot day?

jogging bottoms are more suitable for cold days and you can move more freely in shorts on hot days....

Is there an item of clothing with four syllables?

Jogging bottoms, Jogg-ing-bott-oms

Could wearing Adidas Chilles Tracksuit Bottoms be got away with instead of or as Proper School Trousers for School?

Not unless your teachers are registered blind. You appear obsessed with these trousers, asking on several websites. They are vile.

Are breeches the same as trousers?

Breeches are trousers that come down to the knee

What is the difference between pants and trousers?

they are the same, trousers is the English word for pants

What could i wear for ice skating?

I suggest that you wear some warm clothing (gloves, jacket/jumper). Flexible trousers would also be useful. Jeggings & Skinny Jeans wouldn't be appropriate as you wouldn't be able to bend easily. Jogging bottoms, skating dresses etc. are good examples of flexible clothing. You can skate in flared jeans, that are slightly elastic/stretchy.

How do you say tracksuit bottoms in french?

des bas de jogging, un pantalon de jogging

Where can Nike pants be bought?

Nike pants or jogging bottoms can be purchased from all good sports stores. For example, Nike products are sold at official Nike stores across the world.

How can cats have kittens through their bottoms?

the same way people do.

What would a primary school teacher wear?

teachers would normaly wear a trousers and a top or some times wear a long top and some leggings my teacher wears tracksuit bottoms and a jacket

What is the purpose of the military blousing strap?

"Blousing the boots" or "Blousing the trousers" means to make the trousers appear to be tucked into your boots. Instead of actually tucking in the trouser bottoms into the boots you simply take the elastic straps and wrap them around the ankles and tuck the trouser bottoms into the straps. Now it appears that the trousers are tucked into the boots.