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Q: Are tippman 98 better than spyder sonix?
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Is the Spyder Victor Semi-Automatic better than the Spyder Electra with eye?

No, The Electra is Spyders "step up" from the victor. It is inside the same as the victor, but also has electronics and other features. The same with Tippmann, Azodin, and many other companies, they release a low, mid and "high" end gun together. The victor in this case is their cheapest and most "bare boned", then the Sonix, and then the Electra.

Would a piranha paintball gun be better than a spider?

no pirahnas are lower quality knock offs than spyder, they are not too bad for starters but spyder is better if you have a choice

Is r8 v10 spyder is better than r8 v10?

well it is r8 v10 spyder because it is better looking. its top speed 318 km/n but coupe is 315 which is alright , but i prepare the r8 v10 spyder . it has 5.2l v10 8700 rpm which produce 525 bhp.....R8 V10 SPYDER IS BETTER THAN R8 V10 COUPE

Spyder pilot better then the spyder pilot acs?

The Spyder pilot Acs is a Spyder pilot with an Anti-Chop System. It would be "better" than one without it because it is supposed to chop (when a ball is cut in half by the bolt before it has fully dropped) less paint.

What one is better mongoose ii 2 led bbs paintball gun or spyder sonix 09 paintball gun?

While both of them are truly poor quality guns, The better one in this case would be the mongoose just because it has eyes, which will cut down on the amount of paint you will chop. I would recommend however that you look at the Azodin Kaos which is of much better general quality than sypder or diablo guns.

Is the spider sonix paintball gun an electric gun?

In general, Spyder's "walmart" series are not that well built. They tend to be worse at performance and durability than even their "clone" counterparts. A much better alternatives are the Azodin blitz and Smart Parts Vibe, which cost slightly more, but will perform much better.

What is better tag 5m recon or spyder victor?

The spyder victor is a more reliable gun than the JT. You should also look into the Azodin Kaos.

Is the spyder victor 09 or the spyder aggresor a better gun?

It is a low quality, cheap starter marker. It shoots, and that's about it.

What is a better gun the spyder vs2 or the azodin blitz?

Azodin is, in general, able to make better quality and longer lasting markers than their Spyder counter-parts, because of their improved design. This particular model, the Blitz will perform the same, or probably better than the VS2 with slightly less cost.

Are Spyder barrels compatible with JT markers?

In some cases yes, but they are not barrels made by Spyder. For instance Dye makes a barrel for spyder markers. So better be safe than sorry, look for a barrel that tells you it is designed for JT markers.

Spyder paintball gun better than bt omega?

Nearly any spyder model will shoot the same as as the Bt omega. However it has a less durable design and will not look as "milsim" as the Omega was built for.

Is the tippman bravo one paintball marker better than the tippman a-5?

No, It was not meant to anyways. The main Tippmann lines has the Tippmann 98 as their starter marker, the Tippmann A5 as their intermediate marker, and the X7/X7 Phenom as their top brand. The bravo one (alpha black in The United States) is simply a different looking Tippmann 98. The A-5 has the cyclone feed, and is much easier to take apart with a tombstone airline and push-pin disassembly.