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Typically no. They are very dangerous animals and have killed many humans through the years. Tigers also kill livestock.

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Q: Are tigers safe to us
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How do you stay safe from tigers?

tell the answer to stay safe from a tigers

What can tigers do to us?

tigers can kill us and they can eat us too

Is it safe to have a pet liger?

100% safe if you keep it outside and let it socialize with lions or tigers

Are there tigers in the US?

Tigers? Yes. Wild Tigers? No. Tigers in the US are only in refuges and zoos. So don't go oout and go tiger scouting in Colorodo.

How are white tigers being conserved?

they are conserved in a safe place

What is the threat to Bengal tigers?

Us humans are a threat to Bengal tigers

How do tigers stay safe?

Tigers hide to stay safe. They are colored in such a way to make it easy for them to hide in their natural habitat. They can easily hide behind bushes, trees, and tall grass.

What tiger is native to the US?

There are no tigers native to the US.

Do tigers give us wool?


How many wild tigers are in the US?

None or '0' There are no wild tigers in USA. You can find tigers in zoos in the USA

Are Siberian tigers endangered in the US?

No. An animal can only be endangered in its natural habitat. And Siberian TIgers aren't native to the US:

Do white tigers cubs eat human?

probably not but to be on the safe side watch out

How many tigers are in the US?

umm... NONE! unless you're talking about tigers in zoos...

Do white tigers live in the US?

In zoos.

What wild animal can be found in US?


How many tigers live in the US?

There are no tigers living naturally in the United States. The only tigers are in zoos. They live naturally in Asia.

What type of tiger lives in the US?

There are no tigers native to the Americas. You will only find tigers in captivity.

Why do humans fear tigers?

because we have all heard that tigers are dangerous and we think they will kill us

What are you doing to save tigers?

Well, humans have protection programs to guard against poachers, so the tigers can have some safe areas to breed again.

How does the government keep us safe?

the government keeps us safe from bad people

Do tigers live in the US?

You can see tigers in the US if you go to a zoo and there are a few people with licenses to keep tigers and other big cats as pets but they are not native animals to the US they are more typically found in Southwest Asia, China, Korea, and Russia.

Are tigers native to Alabama?

No, tigers are not native to the US at all. They are native in Asia. A completely different continent.

What is important about tigers?

because they are they are SO important to us because they can help us

Most of the worlds tigers live in the US?

* * * * dumbgrass

What animal hunted the Caspian tigers?

Us, humans.