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Do you mean any mma games? Then No, and just so you know the ufc has no female fighters only strikeforce and other nonmajor organizations do.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-28 22:15:01
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Q: Are they any UFC games will female fighters in?
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Are there any UFC fighters from Alabama?

Marcus Brimage

What diseases do UFC fighters get when the fight?

UFC fighters do not contract any diseases from other fighters when they fight because all participants are tested for contagious diseases. A fighter can get infections from cuts or a concussion though.

Are they're any UFC fighters from KY?

Junie Browning is from Lexington, KY.

Are there any online UFC games?

not really no

Are there any UFC games out for ps2?

Yes UFC: Sudden Impact & Ultimate Fighting Championship: Throwdown

Is the UFC making any video games for xbox 360?

As of Oct. 09, UFC: Undisputed is on the Xbox 360.

What is the height requirement for Light Heavy weight in the ufc?

The UFC's light heavyweight division does not have any height requirements. It only has a weight requirement. The fighters height does not matter. The only restriction is their weight. Fighters can weight a maximum of 205 pounds in order to fight in the UFC's light heavyweight division. Some fighters are very tall and cross the 6 feet mark while there are many others of average height in the 5'10 or 5'9 range.

Are there any female Muay Thai fighter characters in a 2D fighting game?

King, from King Of Fighters/Fatal Fury is the only female (that I know of) Muay Thai fighter in 2d fighting games.

Can you enter the UFC without having a diploma?

Sure, you can. UFC is a Mixed Martial Arts fighting promotion. They do not expect you to have any sort of formal education or degree to be a part of their organization. They hire the best fighters and organize matches that would entertain audience. So, if you are a talented fighter, you can enter the UFC irrespective of whether you have a diploma or not.

Who is the best spanish UFC fighter?

It depends do you mean Spanish like Spain because I do not know any Spanish fighters but the best Mexican fighter has got to be Cain Velasquez.

Are there any games like fossil fighters?

Fossil Leauge is an old game but its really cool!

Is there youth UFC fighting?

There are not any youth UFC divisions. In order to fight in the UFC, you must be of legal age, trained and contracted.

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