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Q: Are there weight limits in middle school football to carry the football.?
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What is the official weight of a middle school boy turbo javelin?

There is no official weight for middle school, it depends on area.

Did Pop Warner football change their weight limits?

Yes, they were raised by 5 lbs.

How much do you have to weigh to be a wide receiver in middle school football?

For a varsity middle linebacker the average is about 210lbs, but this has to be mostly lean muscle mass.

How much does a football weight?

It depends on the level of play, college and high school balls are different weight

What is the Weight for High School Football Player?

that depends what position you play.

What weight did Deron Williams wrestle at in high school?

He wrestled in elementary and middle school but not in high school.

What is the length and weight a middle school bat may be?

i think its -3

Average weight of most female middle school students?


Why do semi's need to stop at weight stations on the highway?

All commercial trucks are subject to total vehicle weight limits and also weight limits per axle. The scales are there to enforce these weight limits.

Can middle school have recess?

can midde school have recess everybody wants to know can middle school have recess please let me know and did you know when middle school have recess you can lose weight by it please give me any answers back thank you your very kindly .^-^

What football position would you be if your 140lbs?

Weight is not a primary factor in determining position (though a 140 pounder would probably be an exceptionally poor choice for offensive linesman, unless this is in some kind of middle school program).

How much did Taylor swift weigh in middle school?

she weight 125 as a kid maybe more...