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There are three famous Ronaldos. Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho Gaúcho and Ronaldo Fenômeno (retired).

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Q: Are there two soccer stars named Ronaldo?
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Who are the two famous champions of Brazil in soccer?

Pele and Ronaldo

What are the names of the stars of the constellation Gemini?

The two stars from which Gemini acquires the symbol of twins is through the stars named Castor and Pollux, two Greek Twins.

Is Lionel Messi the greatest soccer or is Cristiano Ronaldo?

Four Four two elected Lionel Messi 1st and Cristiano Ronaldo 2nd because Cristiano Ronaldo tries too many tricks and stunts so he gets the ball taken away easily.

Who is the actual best modern soccer player in the world?

they call him ronaldo but his name is realy god, no but on a serious note its either Cristiano ronaldo or kaka of milan these two are good but messi is the actual world best player after winning one ballon d'or its either messi or ronaldo

Who are considered the star players in the Slovakia soccer team?

Dont know what you mean when you say soccer but in football it is Marek hamsik and Martin skrtel are the two biggest stars

Is Cristiano Ronaldo married?

Yes he is married to patty and they have two kids named legs and abs. Her friend kendall is also married to Jeremy

Is Rooney in love with c.ronaldo?

Wayne Rooney and C. Ronaldo have been known to be friends on and off the soccer field, but Rooney has said he is not in love with C. Ronaldo. The two were linked to a $90 million pound deal between Real Madrid and Manchester United on June 23, 2013.

If you have two soccer teams in front of two soccer teams and two soccer teams behind two soccer teams and two soccer teams beside two soccer teams How many players do you have?

110 Players = 10 teams but there is 12 teams so it would actually be 132 Players

How many sisters does Cristiano Ronaldo have?

Cristiano Ronaldo has two older sisters, Elma and Liliana Cátia.

In which country is the soccer club Bohemians based?

There are two soccer teams named Bohemians, one of which is a top division club in the Republic of Ireland, and the other a third division team in the Czech Republic.

How can two stars be one?

A binary star system will sometimes be considered one star for certain purposes, and the two componenets named together. Two stars can also attract and meld into each other, forming one new star.

Who would win in a soccer match Ronaldinho who plays with Barcelona or Cristiano Ronaldo who plays with Manchester United?

Cristiano Ronaldo would beat a post world player of the year ronaldinho because after he won those two years he lost his will to play... but Ronaldinho in his prime would tear cris to pieces

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