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Yes. You will need to contact your state or league for your area.

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Q: Are there rules on how long high school baseball practices can last?
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How long can high school baseball practices last?

2 hours

Is it illegal for a high school baseball practice to be longer then 2 hours?

It depends on the rules of you local high school league. You will have to ask them.

What are differences between middle school and high school baseball?

middle school baseball is not as competitive as high school,and in middle school you cant get a scholarship for a college school None, They are both Federation Rules, Middle School should be a stepping stone to High School

Can you use -3 baseball bats in high school?

Yes, most high school leagues require -3, but rules can be different from league to league.

What is the smallest size bat you can use in high school baseball?

I think that you HAVE to use a -3 bat in High School, and smaller bat would be against the rules.

Can you begin a High School baseball game with 8 players?

This would depend on the rules your high school goes by. In many cases you can start a game with 8 players, but it would depend on the Associations Rules and Regulations

Can a runner jump over a player to avoid a tag?

In professional baseball, yes. In some high school and college rules, no. Local/state high school associations make some special rules that are different than those used in professional baseball.

Rules for Il high school football jersey numbers?

what are the rules to high school jersey number in california

What are Iowa's high school soccer rules?

the same as the other rules

Can you make out in high school?

It depends on what high school you go to. Some have rules that say you can not make out there and there are other schools that do not have any rules about making out.

What are rules for batting helmets in high school baseball?

hey have to wear one with a cover over only one ear

Do high school soccer players have safety rules?

every sport training in high school has safety rules yes the have about 7 rules although i can't remember what they are they are very stupid rules though

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