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  1. A lead off pitcher could also be called a 'starting pitcher'.
  2. If the starting pitcher is the best on the team they call him the ACE pitcher ...
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Q: Are there other names for lead off pitchers?
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Is there leadoffs in girls softball?

No u can not lead off but as soon as the ball leaves the pitchers hand you can get off the base

What off field area do you go to get relief pitchers?

The bullpen

How high off the ground is the pitchers mound in baseball?

10 inches.

Are pitchers included in the 25 man play-off roster?

Yes, Pitchers are included in a 25 man playoff roster. All players on the Major League roster including Pitchers, Infielders and Outfielders are included on the 25 man roster however it is up to each club to determine the number of Pitchers that they need for their team in the Playoffs.

How many different pitchers has Ken Griffey Jr hit home run off?

As of 2009, ken Griffey Jr. hit 630 career home runs off of 407 different pitchers. He hit the most home runs, 8, off David wells, and hit 6 home runs off pitcher Roger Clemens.

What is a relief pitcher?

A pitcher than can tie the game after a big lead off by the other team.

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How many major league pitchers have had a home run hit off their first career pitch?


What does the baseball term Lead off walk mean?

A 'lead off walk' is when the first batter (lead off) of an inning gets on base from a base on balls (walk).

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What happens when the batter in baseball hits a line drive off the pitchers mound and directly into the dugout?

It is called a foul

Does a walk off refer to the pitcher in the losing team walking off the pitchers mound after the scoring run was made in the bottom of the ninth inning?

The pitcher and the rest of the team.

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What is the purpose of a baseball rosin bag?

Rosin absorbs moisture and pitchers use it to take the sweat off of their pitching hand and arm.

Pitchers pitches the ball is pitched bounces off catcher and gets stuck in the umpires equipment do runners advance?

no dead ball

In MLB can a pitchers foot leave contact with the rubber prior to releasing the ball. If so does it need to stay in contact with the ground?

The pitchers foot must stay on the rubber until either, they legally step-off the mound, attempt a pickoff, or release the ball when pitching.

What lead off batter has the most lead off home runs?

Rickey Henderson hold the all-time record for most lead-off home runs in a career, with 81.

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Ignorance and lack of concern about other people's rights.

In softball when are you allowed to take your lead off the base?

You are allowed to take a lead off the base when the ball is out of the pitcher's hand.

In softball can you lead off the base in slow-pitch?

No, you can not lead off the bases in slow-pitch softball. You can't even lead off the bases in fast-pitch softball.You have to wait until the ball passes the home plate.

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Positive lead

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