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Q: Are there more tennis balls in the world than humans?
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Are there more golf balls or tennis balls?

There are so many Chinese that play ping pong that I think there may be more table tennis balls.

Why does a golf ball have more masd than a tennis ball?

Tennis balls are hollow, golf balls are not.

Why do tennis balls have fuz?

To give them more grip on a tennis raquet

Where can you buy tennis DVDs not online?

At the Tennis Express stores. They sell racquets, clothes, balls, tennis books, tennis DVDs, sunglasses, bags, and more.

Does a tennis ball become more elastic when it is heated?

Tennis balls contract when heated which means that it will bounce higher.

Why does warm tennis balls bounce larger than cold tennis balls?

b/c the air particles in the ball are moving faster, causing it to b slightly more pressurized

What is the purpose of felt on a tennis ball?

It catches more air and allows for curve balls.

What did they change in tennis balls?

They improved them a lot! If your question would be more specific, it would be easier to answer. The tennis balls used to be wads of hair or wool wrapped in stuff, but now they are more rubbery for bounce. I don't know exactly how.

Why are tennis balls made of rubber?

Rubber can bounce for a longer time and it can be played be a tennis racquet (you can not hit a cricket ball with tennis racquet) and one more reason is there is none other material other than rubber balls are made of rubber

Why can't you play tennis in Wii sports resort?

Because all of the balls on the tennis court were stolen. (It's not in the game any more.) You can play table tennis though.

How many balls are used during Wimbledon tennis tournament?

52,200 balls was supllied there was a grand total of 8 balls at the whole tournament. no more/less. this is accurate. x

Equipment for tennis?

All you need is: Tennis balls (one or more - usually 3 is good) A Tennis Racket A Tennis court (with proper measures, marks and net) A partner - or 3 if you want to play doubles :)

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