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Q: Are there more sport fans than there are sport players in Puerto Rico?
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Hy Justin bieber cant come to Puerto Rico if he has over millions of fans?

Because puerto rico is dirty

When is one direction coming to Puerto Rico?

probably ... never cause there are not much fans over there

Why Justin bieber cant come to Puerto Rico if he has over millions of fans?

Because he is a talentless hack

Why do spectators and players become violent in sport?

because the fans want to annoy the opposite teams players

Is the sport boxing taking more serious in the US?

Most Countries other then the US Boxing is apart of the school curriculum. Puerto Rico, Philipines and many many more. The US is the least supporting when it comes down to overall support with the exception of the fans.

What was the most popular sport in the world in 2012?

The most popular sport in the world was soccer with about 3-3.5 billion fans and over 250 million players in over 250 countries.

What do Puerto Rico's people eat?

There are any number of excellent Caribbean dining establishment in Puerto Rico (and even in the contiguous states) but not everyone eats the Traditional fare on a full time basis. Some have become Americanized to the point that have become Pizza fans and Big Mac lovers. American diner food is readily available as is oriental and continental cuisine.

Why is soccer often called the worlds most popular sport?

Because it is. Billions of fans, hundreds of millions of TV viewers, hundreds of thousands of professional players. No other sport operates on the same scale.

How do NFL players get in the pro bowl?

Fans, players, and coach vote for pro bowl players. The fans can vote online at an NFL sponsored site.

Why are NFL fans angry at players for kneeling?

why do they do this

Which sport has the most fans?


Number of fans by sport?


What professional sport has the most female fans?

As of 2014, the professional sport that has the most female fans is NASCAR. NASCAR is a stock car racing series.

Who is more skilful soccer players or AFL players?

Soccer has clearly way more skillful players then AFL. Soccer is the most popular and the best game ever invented. To all the fans of AFL who think AFL is better than soccer just stick to the facts and you will find out which is better. For instance soccer is the most played sport and is also the most watched sport on the Earth.

Which olympic sport has the most fans?


What sport has the most loyal fans?


Which sport has the most number of fans world wide?

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. So it would be logic that soccer would have the most fans.

Which sport has the most passionate fans?

Many sports fans are passionate about their sport and their favourite team. So there is no real answer to this question. Traditionally football fans sing at most grounds and support their team for the length of their lives. Football teams around the world have an attachment to the area and cannot be moved. However cricket fans in India are passionate, in usa gridiron and baseball fans are noisy and care for their favourite team, as do ice hockey fans in Canada. So no one sport has all the most passionate fans. Football has the most fans around the world and thus the highets number of passionate fans so if that is what you were asking, which sport has the largest number of passionate fans, then the answer would be football.

Reasons why sports fans tend to stay health?

Sport fans stay healthy because why try to be like the player. This is why they call them fans.

Why do soccer players always complain?

There is a possibility that soccer players always complain about the outcome of a game they are losing because they are so passionate about the sport. The fans of many teams also are very passionate about rooting for their team and cause riots after games. Soccer is a sport that is played on a grand scale between countries and everyone wants their country to win.

Which sport has more fans soccer or baseball?


What do football baseball and basketball have in common?

The sports of American football, world football, basketball and baseball all have these in common: 1. a ball is used for play; 2. each sport has umpires or referees; 3. each sport is a spectator sport, they have millions of fans; 4. each sport is played with a so-called field of play, baseball stadiums however, can have different dimensions for home runs and ground rule doubles; 5. each sport draws in millions of dollars from fans and sports media; and 6. each sport generally pays players huge amounts of money, with the exception of players in college.

What do you called People in a football match?

players are fans??

What are coldplay fans called?

Coldplayers or Xylobrytes

Why is baseball the greatest sport ever?

It is a matter of opinion. Football, soccer, rugby, and all other types fans will say otherwise, but basketball fans will say it is the greatest sport ever.