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There are so many Chinese that play ping pong that I think there may be more Table Tennis balls.

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2009-11-10 19:08:40
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Q: Are there more golf balls or tennis balls?
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Why does a golf ball have more masd than a tennis ball?

Tennis balls are hollow, golf balls are not.

How many golf balls would be to the equal to the weight of twelve tennis balls?

A tennis ball weighs 57 grams, a golf ball weighs 46 grams. So there would be 14.87 golf balls to 12 tennis balls.

How are tennis balls and golf balls the same?

yes yes they are.

How can you get free golf balls or tennis balls?

Go to a Tennis/Golf club, and at the end of the week ask if they have any balls they are going to throw out, so you can keep them instead. That or go to a golf/tennis course and pick up any left over balls. I've left some tennis balls on the court for others.

Why does a golf ball feel heavier than a tennis ball?

golf balls are hevier due to they r olid and tennis balls are hollow

What is more popular tennis or golf?

Tennis! More people know the rules of tennis than they do golf!

What is more deadly a baseball or golf balls?

golf balls

What weighs more a tennis ball or a golf ball?

a golf ball weighs more than a tennis ball

Is it normal to have testicles the size of two tennis balls?

balls the size of tennis balls isn't necessarily a bad thing, but average size testicles are just a little bit bigger than golf balls

Why are golf balls heavier than tables-tennis balls even though the balls are the same size?

because they dont have the same density

What is better tennis or golf?

Tennis is better than golf because, tennis has more players and by far more courts. Tennis has more viewers in all grand slams compared to golfs majors. Tennis also has more youth players than golf playing daily

Which balls falls the fastest a tennis ball or a baseball?

golf is faster than both but tennis is faster than baseball

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