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yes there is

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Q: Are there junior hurdles and senior hurdles?
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Do you capitalize senior and junior in a name?

Yes. Examples: Junior Class Senior Class Junior-Senior Prom

When did Junior Senior end?

Junior Senior ended in 2008.

When was Junior Senior created?

Junior Senior was created in 1998.

How many hurdles in 300m?

for junior athletics, which I'm pretty sure is the only place they do 300m hurdles, there are 6 hurdles.

When was Junior Senior - film - created?

Junior Senior - film - was created in 2003.

When to capitalize junior and senior?

When it forms part of the proper noun. Examples: Junior-Senior Prom Junior Class

When a senior dies does junior become senior?


What is the order of senior junior the third?

Senior- for the father Junior- for the son III- for the grandson

Is the name junior a weird name for a guy?

Yes You may be talking about a guy whose legal name is Junior. This is not usually the case. When a boy is named after his father, he will often sign his name with 'jr' at the end, and he is often called Junior as a nickname. Junior would be an unusual legal name, especially if it is his father's name as well. His father would be Junior Senior, and he would be Junior Junior. Imagine if their family name is Senior. they would be Junior Senior Senior, and Junior Senior Junior. If the son is in the military, he might be Major Junior Senior, Junior, Camp Jejune.

What is the record for the 100 meter hurdles at the junior high level?

* * == ==

What is the antonym for junior?

Senior or, if someone is the "Peter Junior", then the father is Peter (not necessary to write senior).

What is the superlative and positive degree of senior junior superior and inferior respectively?

Senior , more senior , most senior Junior , more junior , most junior Superior , more superior , Most superior Inferior , more inferior , most inferior

What is the opposite of senior?


What is Junior-Senior GPA?

Junior yr - 3th yr Senior yr- 4th(final) yr & Junior/Senior CGPA means the avg of third and fourth yr

When Senior passes away does Junior become Senior?

Yes, when Senior dies, Junior can take the suffix of Senior if there is another of the same name (a son of Junior, for example) to take the Junior suffix. Otherwise Junior can simply drop the suffix altogether, or continue to use Junior if his professional identity, for example, is strongly tied to that naming convention.

What is the number of how high the mens hurdles is?

Freshman in High School: 3rd notch for 110m and 300m Sophmore/Junior/Senior in High School: 4th notch for 110m and 3rd notch for 300m College/Professional: 5th notch for 110m and 4th notch for 400m hurdles.

What is the difference between junior and senior hockey sticks?

senior sticks are bigger and beefier than junior sticks

When was Tully Junior Senior High School created?

Tully Junior Senior High School was created in 1898.

When was Bridgewater Junior Senior High School created?

Bridgewater Junior Senior High School was created in 1839.

When was Eastside Junior-Senior High School created?

Eastside Junior-Senior High School was created in 1963.

When was Jasper Junior Senior High School created?

Jasper Junior Senior High School was created in 1952.

When was Woodbury Junior-Senior High School created?

Woodbury Junior-Senior High School was created in 1902.

What is the order of senior junior freshman sophomore?

Senior iz oldest. First itz Freashman, then sophmore, junior, then senior. For a total of 4 years

What does Junior mean?

subordinate to senior.

Is the band junior senior gay?