Are there indoor lacrosse fields

Updated: 10/22/2022
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yes but the game is called box Lacrosse

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Q: Are there indoor lacrosse fields
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What kind of playing surface is lacross played on?

Outdoor Lacrosse is usually played on a grass field but there are some outdoor turf fields. Indoor Lacrosse is played at indoor turf arena.

When did World Indoor Lacrosse Championship happen?

World Indoor Lacrosse Championship happened in 2003.

When was World Indoor Lacrosse Championship created?

World Indoor Lacrosse Championship was created in 2003.

What is indoor lacrosse called?

indoor lacrosse is called box lacrosse. it is played mainly in canada. In box there are also different rules about your stick, gear, and general gameplay.

Does paintball depot have indoor fields?

Yes they have indoor fields.

Which sports is it similar to jai-alai?

indoor lacrosse

What season does lacrosse play?

Lacrosse plays in the spring, although there are summer and fall leagues, as well as indoor winter leagues.

Is the nll box lacrosse?

Yes, the NLL is an indoor box league.

What sports are played on rainy days?

Indoor sports, football, soccer, and lacrosse.

Is lacrosse a sport you play all year round?

only is youre playing select lacrosse, therefore it may be indoor at times.....if you play a regular season lacrosse, it is not all year round

How much money do Indoor Lacrosse players make?

Theymake an average of 14,000 a year

In what months is lacrosse played?

Lacrosse (in P&R teams) is usually played in the spring. That is the standard Lacrosse season. Some Travel teams play summer through fall, and in the winter there are sometimes indoor seasons