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Q: Are there any sports that heavily depend on flexibility?
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What are two sports that require good levels of flexibility?

Any Sport requires flexiblity

What metals are flexible?

Every metal is flexible and can take any shape. However, flexibility of metals depend on their nature , size and thickness.

What flexibility does a volleyball have?

A volleyball does not have any flexibility at all.

How do you write flexibility in a sentence?

Like any other noun. Flexibility is the ability to bend.

Is flexibility a chemical or a physical change?

Flexibility is not a change of any sort. it is a physical property.

How do physical education help in games and sports?

Well in my school in PE we learn how to improve in sports and what to do in situations in a gameAnswer:It helps you to improve your stamina, flexibility and fitness level. and these three factors are of primary importance in any sport/game.

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Export economies are problematic because they depend heavily on global stability. If there are any wars that disrupt trade, that economy comes to a halt.

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no he did not do any sports

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No, there are no parallelograms in sports.

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the esophagus does not depend on any part of the body

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