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What is the fibrous connective tissue that holds bones in a joint together

What type of muscle straightens a joint

What type of disease is cystic fibrosis

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Q: Are there any social or civic groups IN SAN DIEGO that can help to purchase a bike I've got a very dear friend that had his bike stolen and now has no transportation .?
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What are the key features of social networking sites?

The important features are Chat, games, friend finder, and groups

How have social networking websites affected social groups?

They diminish the importance of primary groups ,but not secondary groups.

What are some social groups in Australia?

some social groups are aboriginals and european

What are primary social groups?

Primary social groups are the main groups to which people belong. A great example of a primary social group would be the family.

What are the functions of social class?

function of social groups

Which groups benefit the most from social welfare policies?

Which groups benefit the most from social welfare policies

Are social group and societies the same thing?

Society can be seen as a large social group but it is the sum of all the various social groups as well as social rules and interactions. In any society, there are accepted ways of doing things, as in social groups. Social groups are made up of various workers, cultures, or age groups in society.

What has the author Tay Wilson written?

Tay Wilson has written: 'The social dimension in transportation assessment' -- subject(s): Planning, Social aspects, Transportation

What are the causes of social stratification in the Caribbean?

social stratification is the ranking of social groups

Is a warthog social?

They are social animals, living in family groups

What can you do with Social mobilization?

forming social groups to assist in mobilization.

When was Popular Unions of Bipartisan Social Groups created?

Popular Unions of Bipartisan Social Groups was created in 1989.

What has the author Vincent Kaufmann written?

Vincent. Kaufmann has written: 'Re-thinking mobility' -- subject(s): Social aspects, Social aspects of Transportation, Transportation

How do you help someone with autism?

You can help just by including a friend or sibling with autism in your social groups from time to enjoy different activities, just like you do.

What are the social groups of Ireland?


What are peru's social groups?


Do rats live in groups or alone?

Rats are social, they live in groups.

How many social groups settled in California in 1848?

74 groups

Which social groups support the Tommy Douglas and the medical system?

Many social groups support Tommy Douglas and the medical system. Most Canadians are pleased with the system. Groups in support of Tommy include labor groups as well as social activists.

What are France's social groups?

France's social groups is they hate us and surrender to anyone how points a gun at there

What has the author Patrick Rivers written?

Patrick Rivers has written: 'The restless generation' -- subject(s): Environmental policy, Social aspects, Social aspects of Transportation, Transportation

Is a zebra a social or solitary animal?

social, they hang out and roam in groups.

What were the six groups in the social group?

What were the six group in social group

What are the social groups in Cuba?

Afro-Cuban musicians form one of the social groups in Cuba. The social group in Cuba refers to the interaction of one or more Cubans on various social platforms.

What has the author A S Iberall written?

A. S. Iberall has written: 'Physical foundations for socio-economic modeling for transportation planning' -- subject(s): Cities and towns, Growth, Planning, Social aspects, Social aspects of Transportation, Transportation