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Q: Are there any quarter backs that have 0 sacks in a season?
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What player holds the NFL record for fewest sacks in a single season?

There isn't really a record kept for fewest sacks in a season by a player, as there are thousands of NFL players who have not had any sacks. Michael Strahan holds the record for most sacks in a season, at 22 1/2.

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0. Actually, no one has come close. Of those running backs who have scored 15+ touchdowns in a season, the most receiving TDs any one of them had in the same season was 8 by Marshall Faulk of the 2000 St. Louis Rams who had 18 rushing TDs. Next comes O.J. Simpson of the 1975 Buffalo Bills who had 16 rushing TDs and 7 receiving TDs.

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