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Yes, a lot. You have to know the projectory when jumping, and how much mass you have when jumping in order to know if you can slam dunk, not to mention the force of the ball going in the basket.

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Q: Are there any physics when doing a slam dunk?
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Is there any new seasons of Slam Dunk anime?

i wish japan made new episodes of slam dunk it is the best anime ever|they should make more than thousand episodes

Is there a slam dunk contest on any NBA live game?

yes nba live2005

How many calories you burn doing basketball?

Right it is basic, you don't burn any. Basketball is a great sport but you can die from it, you're going for a slam dunk and then you hit you're head on the hoop...

What is the meaning of slam duck?

A "slam dunk" is a basketball move in which an offensive player elevates towards the basket and powers the ball through the hoop from above; it is usually uncontested and indefensible. The slam dunk results in an easy 2 points. In slang, a "slam dunk" has come to mean any situation where the outcome is a foregone, positive conclusion - an easy win or an obvious decision. For example, to say that a runner with a 10-mile lead is going to win a marathon is a slam dunk; clearly the frontrunner has an insurmountable advantage and will win the race. Similarly, the decision to hire a credible, experienced worker over an untested, unreliable person is a slam dunk - obviously you would hire the credible, experienced worker, and you would be pleased with (but not surprised by) the predictable results.

Are there any anime similar to hungry heart?

Whistle! , Captain Tsubasa , Prince of Tennis , Slam Dunk , Aoki Densetsu Shoot! ,

How many Slam Dunk Contests has Kobe Bryant won?

Just one. His signature dunk of the contest was a between-the-legs jam that looked a lot like previous winner J.R. Rider's. He never appeared in any other dunk contests before or after.

Does anyone have any slam dunk combos for nba live 09 ps2?

I´m only playing on the x box, but the combos are still the same as in s005 on ps2. so: Run:L1+Quadrat Dunk: triangle = Elbow in the rim. Run:L1+circle Dunk: L1+circle = cartwheel+2times through the legs Run: X DUnk: Triangle = 360 Windmill

Are there any trampoline world records?

Absolutely, there is this one from japan which has a guy on a trampoline and slam dunks a basketball from over 6 meters away..take a look:- found these:-Highest basketball front flip slam dunk with a trampolineHigh Impact Squad Jerry Burrel - 10 feet 9 inchesFarthest basketball front flip slam dunk with a trampolineHigh Impact Team member Kevin Vandervolk - 19 feet 2 inches

In physics an object to keep doing what it is doing is termed what?

Inertia is the tendency of any object to maintain it's exact momentum if not influenced by any additional force.

Do you need to be small do a dunk?

Definitely not. You can be any size, as long as you can jump high enough to dunk the ball.

Can nadal win the grand slam?

Nadal can win any grand slam.

Why is the slam dunk legal and not goaltending?

because if there is goaltending a defender with a good vertical jump can be under the hoop denying any shot that comes their way. most players of 6'5 can clear above the rim with a minimal exertion

What is Michael Jordan best known for?

Michael Jordan is known for making the first slam dunk of any person in the NBA. He is known for being one of the best basketball players in the United States. He is best known for playing in the Chicago Bulls.

How do you clean brake fluid from leather?

Dunk or douse the leather with any of the following, gasoline, kerosene, or acetone. Quickly light it. I must warn you to be careful while doing this. There will no longer be any mark from the brake fluid.

Did any Japanese forces occupy dunk island?

Dunk Island is a small island off the coast of Australia. During WWII, the Japanese did not occupy Dunk Island. Instead, it was occupied by the Royal Australian Air Force.

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Mathematics is applied to physics and chemistry.

What does a poetry slam look like?

a poetry slam is something that is set up any kind of way with 5 or more poets

What album is Slam Crunk by Holiday Parade on?

slam crunk is not on any album of holdaiy parade's. it is listed as a "non-album" song.

What can physics do in your technology?

Everything! Any piece of anything (including you) relies on physics to work.

Is it illegal to slam your car door in Switzerland?

nonot any more

Is there any prize on full collection of slam attax cards?


In Bridge what exactly is a grand slam?

A grand slam is bidding and winning a contract of 13 tricks (all) in any suit or in no-trump. A small slam is bidding and winning a contract of 12 tricks (all but 1).

Why is michael jordan so famous?

He won 6 nba championships (most by any player) he won the nba slam dunk competition twice and he can jump all the way to the foul line and dunk it.

Did Albert belle get a grand slam in an all-star game?

No, he never hit any HRs in an all star game nor a grand slam.