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There aren't any pro hockey players I'm aware of but I think there are several amateur players with one arm. You can find them on YouTube

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Q: Are there any hockey players with one arm?
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How many hockey players in the rink?

In ice hockey - five (5) players and one (1) goaltender are allowed on the ice at one time, per team.

Why do hockey players constantly smash into one another?


Name one thing Canada is known for?

Syrup, Wheat, Hockey and Hockey Players, Oh, Canadiens.

How many hockey players died playing NHL hockey?

One that i know of he had a heart attack on the ice

How many players are in a field hockey team?

A team can have at most 16 players, only 11 of which (including the goalkeeper, if there is one) can be on the field at any time.Field Hockey is played by two teams. Each team is permitted to have 11 players on the field at any one time during gameplay, and 5 substitutes off the field. Squads consist of between 11 to 18 players depending on competition rules.

How many players are on the field from one team in a hockey game?


Who is Cameron Heald?

one of the best U16 hockey players around

Famous hockey players?

The most famous hockey player is Wayne Gretzky, also known as The Great One.

How many players play hockey at a time?

Field hockey11 (eleven) players may be on the field at any time.Ice and indoor hockey6 (six) players may be on the rink or floor at any time.In-line and/or roller hockey5 (five) players are allowed on the rink at one time.

What happens in hockey if all players of one team are in penality box?

If all players are penalty box in hockey they would have to defeat. This would mean they would lose.

How many hockey players on ice?

in a legitimate hockey game, there are 5 offensive/defensive players per. side, and then a goalie at each end. So, there are 12 players on the ice at one time.

How many players on the ice at one time for a hockey team?

for both teams counting the goalie is 12 players

How many hockey players on the ice at one time?

there are 6 including the goalie

What was the amount that finally got the Indian hockey players to practice?

one crore

How was Bobby Orr famous?

he was one of the best hockey players of all time

Was Jeff skinner a firefighter?

No, he is one of the best hockey players of all time.

How many player are there in a hockey team?

A team can have up to 16 players generally. 11 players are on the field at one time - 10 field players and 1 goal keeper. Up to 5 players can be on the 'bench' and can be rotated into the game at any time.

Why is Dhanraj Pillay known as the Wizard of Hockey?

No, Dhanraj Pillay is not known as the Wizard of Hockey. Though he is also one of the excellent players of Hockey, but the legend who was known as the 'Wizard of Hockey'; was one & only Major Dhyan Chand.

Which hockey players wear yerseys with number 26?

You have Patrik Elias on the Devils as one.

What sport has more than 15 players on the pitch at one time?

hockey and football.

How many players can play in floor hockey?

The most players allowed on one team is 16, and out of the 16 players, only 11 can play together at a time.

What does it take to be an NHL hockey player?

Be one of the top 690 players in the world (30 teams * 23 players per team).

Do hockey players skate?

yes. It would seem logical that if you're going to play "ICE" hockey , one would have to be able to skate.

How much money did the ice hockey players make in the 1886's?

Hockey was an amateur game in the 1880's. No one got paid.

What is a himmat Dhillon?

it is a verb you will say to some one that is dust at hockey and has a broken arm playing AA. :)))