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Not unless you think your team has some kind of strategy that requires team effort and you want to execute it during play.

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Q: Are there any hand signals in Sepak Takraw?
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What is the importance of playing sepak takraw to your health?

Committed FriendsThe three men in each team usually develop extremely close bonds. "To excel as a team, the three of them must know each other really well and perform as a unit at competitions," .Benefits Other Sports"The acrobatic skills you acquire in sepak takraw can be applied in a variety of other sports, including football,Dealing With Pressure"Because there are only three members in a team, it would be very obvious if any one of them doesn't perform

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Hand signals are key in volleyball. They help the setters and hitters figure out the type of ball the hitter is about to receive. The team on the other side does not know what to expect. The hand signals can be any variety of acts. Additionally, hand signals are used between setters and coaches. They use them to figure out the next play. Also, coaches use hand signals to tell servers where to serve the ball. If their is a weak spot in the serve receive, the coaches on the other team are going to abuse it

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MOST of the signals are correct. If any one signal gives loss then the next can recover that.

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If anyone knew, then any major league team would gladly hire you as a sign-stealer! The point of the signals is to be able to communicate WITHOUT THE OTHER TEAM KNOWING. However, usually signs will go like this: there is one sign that is the indicator to set up the other sign, and then the team will decide what will be the sign to actually let the batter know to bunt, or the runner to steal, etc.

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