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The hand closest to the referee. Depending where you are and which way you are facing. This allows the referee to better hear and see the flag when you raise it. Good luck.

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Q: What hand do you hold the flag in when you are assistant referring a soccer game?
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What is a buzzer flag?

In the game of soccer, a buzzer flag is a flag attached to a buzzer worn by the assistant referee, which causes a receiver to buzz, warning the referee of the flag's use.

In soccer game the referees on the sidelines are technically?

They are technically called assistant referees.

Who invented or made the first football for the game of football?

depends what football you're referring to: soccer or American football? depends what football you're referring to: soccer or American football?

Who are the participants in game soccer?

Soccer players Referees Assistant Referees Coaches Management Substitutes Ball personnel First Aid personnel Ground Keepers Ground Officials Spectators

Name a game kids play when they choose sides?

Baseball Kickball Basketball Red Rover Football Soccer Capture the flag

How much do soccer referees get paid in Cincinnati?

As an assistant referee, you could be payed anywhere from $15 to $26, and as referee anywhere from $26 to $40 a game.

What is an assistant ref soccer?

They are one of the officials in soccer. There is only one referee on the pitch, but there are other officials. One is the assistant referee. They watch the game and may assist the referee by keeping in contact by radio. They can look after things like timing the match and dealing with the substitutions. If the referee has to come off and be replaced, like if they got injured, the assistant referee could take over.

What does A or AAA in soccer mean?

A, AA, and AAA are classifications in the sections or divisions of soccer. A is referring to schools that have low enrollement rates. AAA are usually the schools with high enrolement. They have nothing to do with the game itself. A, AA, and AAA are used in high school soccer.

How may refs for a soccer game?

Generally 3. Referee, and two Assistant Referees. However in higher standards there are sometimes 4. Referee, two Assistant Referees and a 4th Official. In European game, and also International matches, there can be up to 6. Referee, two Assistant Referees, 4th Official and then 2 officials who stand on the goal line.

What is the size of the cloth on the soccer flag?

The only official flags associated with soccer are the four corner flags. The Laws of the Game (LOTG), specifically Law 1, do not prescribe a specific size for the cloth on the flags. The corner flag poles must be at least 1.5m (5 ft) tall with a non-pointed top.

Is soccer referee allowed to speak with player?

The referee controls the game and therefore may speak to whomever they wish. The assistant referees may also talk to the players.

What happens if you or your coach can't come to a soccer game?

If you can't come to the game you tell your coach, and they just play without you. Nothing exactly exciting. But if your coach is missing, the assistant coach takes over, or they rescedule the game. Hope that helped!