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In College Women Sports Are In Pro Women Sports

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Q: Are there any girl mascots in the world?
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Related questions

Is mandaville a girl or a boy?

Neither of the London 2012 mascots have any assigned official gender.

Were there mascots for the Melbourne Olympics?

no there were not any mascots back in 1956

Which of the olympic mascots are girls?

Miga is the only girl out of all of them.

Are there any gorilla mascots?


What was the first World Cup mascots name?

World Cup Willie, the mascot for the 1966 FIFA World Cup, was the first world cup mascot, and one of the first mascots to be associated with a major sporting competition.

How many mascots are there in the world?

Quite a few, 2 here in England wich are the one-eyed Mascots and 3 in japan the sun soldier, the swamp soldier, and the water the answer is 5 mascots in the world because the other countries aren't as rich as England and japan.

Were there any mascots in 1896 Olympic games?


Where there any mascots in the ancient Greek Olympics games?


What are the purposes of college mascots?

The purpose of college mascots is the same as any other mascots: anthropologically mascots are totems to which people can relate, build team spirit by sharing a mascot, and maybe even feel possessing the same skills or charasteristics associated to the mascot. For example, a fox as an mascot can be associated with being clever, fast, and maybe even witty.

Do the Miami marlins have any mascots?

yes they do their mascot's name is billy the marlin.

Why use Olympic Mascots?

Mascots of any kind are typically used as a marketing strategy to make the event likeable for a younger audience. Each mascot is significant to the team as a representative of where they come from and what they stand for.

What is the mascots for Malaysia?

Malaysia mascots is Tiger.

Where ther any girl doctors in World War 2?

wher there any girl doctors in ww 2 ?

Why does the university of Alabama have 2 mascots?

The University of Alabama does not have two macots. The only one they have is Big Al the elaphant. You might be thinking of Auburn University. I am not sure why any school would have two mascots.

What is candence email on Club Penguin?

She or any other mascots doesn't have e-mail.

Why do they have mascots in the Olympics?

they have mascots becuase they might want

What are the 5 mascots for the olympic games 2008?

The mascots are, beibei,jingjing,huanhuan,yingying and nini This are the 5 mascots yayyyyyyyfddsfdgfgdsvgbdfdefd

Why do schools have mascots?

Schools have mascots as a sign of commitment and pride from schools. Mascots are also known to bring good luck.

Why are mascots important?

Mascots are important because they inspire school spirit. Mascots are also entertaining and get the crowd pumped up for the games.

Who were the last years Olympics mascots?

2010 Vancouver mascots,

Where they any mascots for the 1900 olympic games in Paris?

no. the first mascot was in 1972.It was Waldi the Duchhound

How much coins does cadence have?

None of the mascots have any coins, stamps, or igloos. This includes Cadence.

What is the Pakistan's cricket team's mascot?

Teams do not have mascots (if they like can choose their talisman-symbol of luck). Mascots are used in big events like World Cup football , Commonwealth games,ICC world cup cricket. Mascots are used generally for two purposes: a. to give some fame to the event b. simply commercial to have more money. ICC World Cup Cricket 2011 (# countries are hosts): chose Stumpy the elephant is the mascot

Why do they have the mascots?

Mascots are needed to represent the emblem on the banner of the team name.

How do you get cece and rocky outfits on club penguin?

You can't get the outfits of ANY mascots on club penguin currently.