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The following players are wearing #50 in the 2017 NFL season:

Zaire Anderson, Denver Broncos

Thurston Armbrister, Detroit Lions

B.J. Bello, Cleveland Browns

Freddie Bishop, New York Jets

Andre Branch, Miami Dolphins

Brock Coyle, San Francisco 49ers

Samson Ebukam, LA Rams

Jordan Evans, Cincinnati Bengals

Jerrell Freeman, Chicago Bears

Justin Houston, Kansas City Chiefs

Ramon Humber, Buffalo Bills

Sean Lee, Dallas Cowboys

Blake Martinez, Green Bay Packers

Albert McClellan, Baltimore Ravens

Nicholas Morrow, Oakland Raiders

Nate Palmer, Tennessee Titans

Hayes Pullard, LA Chargers

Brooks Reed, Atlanta Falcons

Ryan Shazier, Pittsburgh Steelers

Telvin Smith, Jacksonville Jaguars

Martrell Spaight, Washington Redskins

Anthony Walker, Indianapolis Colts

Eric Wilson, Minnesta Vikings

K.J. Wright, Seattle Seahawks

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American football players have worn the jersey number 45?

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Mike Singletary-Chicago Bears

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Q: Are there any famous jersey wearers of number 50 in American Football?
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