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Lawrence Frank, New Jersey Nets

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Q: Are there any college basketball coaches that never played in college or the pros?
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Which college basketball coaches never played college basketball?

Rick Majera, Gene Keady, Bruce Weber, Mark Few, Tom Crean and Bruce Pearl.

Are there any college or professional level coaches who never played the game?


Which NBA coaches never played in the NBA?

Coaches like Jim O'Brien - Pacers Gregg Popovich - Spurs Stan Van Gundy - Magic never played in the NBA and just studied basketball for the life of coaching.

How many pro football players never played college ball?

45,000 Including Joe Reitz from the Colts who played basketball at Northwestern in college.

Who are the 4 college football coaches who never played football?

There are actually more than four college football head coaches who never played football. Some of them are Dennis Franchione, Charlie Weis, Paul Johnson, and Sonny Dykes. Also on the list are David Cutcliffe, Hugh Freeze, and Mike Leach.

Is there a NBA player that went to college but never played college Basketball?

The answer is no because then the NBA teams would ever have been this good.

Did Preston Pearson play college football?

No Preston Pearson went to the University of Illinois and excelled at basketball. He never played college football.

How do you make a college basketball bracket?

Well, one way is if you play basketball in high school and your really good at it. High school coaches might tell colleges or vice versa and BAM, you get a scholarship to play at a college. But don't bother going to a 3 division basketball college league, they will never put you on the nba. And plus you can tryout at some colleges too.

What team did LeBron James play for in college football?

LeBron James is a professional basketball player. He never played college football, nor did he even attend college.

Where did Lil Wayne play basketball?

He never played basketball

Football coaches who never played football?

because they are bell ends

Are there Great football coaches that never played football?

yes they do or will not know what to do

Did J cole the rapper play basketball for St Johns?

No, J. Cole never played ball for any college.

Are there any NFL coaches that never played football in high school or college or the NFL?

yeah all the time but they were ether manager or always there and knew the game

Was Hitler a good basketball player?

Hitler never played basketball.

What basketball team did Forrest Gump play for?

umm.... he never played basketball.

What division 1 head football coaches never played football?

charlie weiss

Do you have to play a year of basketball before playing college basketball?

Unless you're just a man at basketball and you've never played, you're probably not gonna make it.. Haha, but you don't have to play before, you just have to be good enough.

What NFL coaches never played football?

Todd Haley of the Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator.

Which of these never played basketball for Georgetown university?

Stephan marbury

Who are successful Division 1 football coaches who never played college football?

AnswerPaul Johnson at Georgia Tech, Mark Mangino at Kansas, Mike Leach at Texas TechAndy Smith at California

Was Kevin Nash an NBA player?

No. Kevin Nash was never an NBA player. He did play college basketball for the University of Tennessee and later played professional basketball in Europe but a torn ACL cut his career short.

What degree do you need from college to become a pro-basketball player?

No degree is required to become a pro-basketball player. Some players such as LeBron James never went to college.

What Pro football coaches have never played football?

Jose murinhou r.benitez if you are talking about the European football

What schools have never played in the NCAA men's basketball tournament?