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yes, world championships, and the Olympics

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:55:10
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Q: Are there any championship titles in amateur wrestling?
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Did Lou albano win any titles in wrestling?

Yes, he won the WWWF tag team championship with partner Tony Altimore in 1967.

Are there any wrestling entertainment schools in Florida?

yes, there is Florida Championship Wrestling

Is there any pro wrestling that isn't predetermined?

It is all predetermined about 3 days before,the only wrestling that is not predetermined is amateur wrestling.

How many national championship does Yale university have?

Yale University has 26 National Titles, but there haven't been any for a long while.

Can you change championship titles to any brand on smack down here comes the pain video game?

this is an old game so...

Has jimmy wang yang won any WWE titles?

Jimmy wang yang hasn't held any championship because he is hardly ever in the wwe

Which school has won most ncaa titles in a single sport?

UCLA Men's basketball Not even close. UCLA men's basketball has 11 titles. Oklahama State Wrestling has 34 - most of any college in any single sport.

What school has won the most state wrestling titles?

Holy Cross High School of New Orleans has 54 state titles the most by any program in any highschool in history

Is an amateur player allowed a professional caddy in an amateur competition?

A professional caddie can work for any competitor, in any competition, professional or amateur, with no recourse from the rules of the USGA.

Does paul wright have any family in wrestling?

No he does not have any family in wrestling.

What title does lennox Lewis hold now?

Lennox retired in 2002 vacating the WBO Heavyweight Championship after beating Vitali Klitcho. Lennox has not had any titles since.

What would be considered as someone being an amateur?

An amateur can come from many different fields. An amateur athlete is someone who has not been in any professional productions. An amateur artist has not sold a painting.

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