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In professional no. But yeah! Many autistic people SB just for fun! it helps their brain function wel! Thanks!


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โˆ™ 2009-11-24 22:27:00
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Q: Are there any autistic skateboarders
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Which US president who is autistic?

There is no record or any indication that I know of ,that any of the presidents were autistic.

Did any skateboarders go to college?


Are there any famous girl skateboarders?


Is Johnny Depp autistic?

No, Johnny Depp is not autistic, or at least he has not publically identified himself as autistic. He doesn't show any obvious signs of being autistic either.

Are There Any Resources for Autistic Parents?

There are many groups and resources out there for neurotypical parents of autistic children, but do you know of any that exist for parents that are themselves on the autism spectrum? Especially ones that have autistic people in organizational roles?

Are any of the Duggars children autistic?


Are any of the Gosselin children autistic?


Where do skateboarders work inside or outside?

Skateboarders are normal people, they have normal jobs... bankers, window cleaners, librarians, gardeners.... Name any job and it could be a skateboarder doing it.

What is an autistic spectrum disorder?

An autistic spectrum disorder is any of a variety of disorders characterized by symptoms associated with autism.

What sort of jobs can autistic people do?

Autistic people can do any job that any other people could do. Some autistic people may have restrictions on what they can cope with, for example some autistic people may struggle in face-to-face customer service jobs where being social is part of the job, but everyone is different so can cope differently.

Who was one of the first skateboarders?

The first skateboarders are.....(refresh page)

What causes a child to be autistic?

Autism is a neurological variant, an Autistic child is the same as a child of any other neurological variation - they were born with that type of brain. Genetic factors contribute to whether or not a person will be Autistic, and it's determined when brain development occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy. A child is born Autistic and will be Autistic their entire life.

What is the difference between Goofy skateboarders and normal skateboarders?

Goofy Skateboarders lead with their left foot and normal skaters lead with their right foot

What are people with autism like?

Autistic people use identity-first language, this it is 'Autistic people'.Autistic people are as varied and different as any other people. They say 'once you've met one Autistic person, you've met one Autistic person', we're all very different from each other.

Is there any hope for autistic people?

This question is stupid, Honestly it would be twice as logical for an Autistic kid to ask "Is there any hope for normal people?" then the amount of logic you must have to ask this question.

What type of jobs do autistic people do?

Autistic people can do any type of job - although autistic people may be better with jobs that deal with logic and may be worse with jobs dealing with people, autistic people are expert in adapting so can take on many different roles. Remember autistic people are as varied as neurotypical people, we can do anything neurotypical people can.

How many skateboarders are there in the UK?

There are approximatl 13,000 skateboarders in the United Kingdom and counting

Can an autistic person make a child?

Yes, Autistic people can 'make' a child just like anyone else.Autism is a neurological variation, it doesn't prevent someone from reproducing just like a person of any other neurology. Autistic people are more likely to have Autistic offspring, especially if both mother and father are Autistic, but can also have children of different neurologies.

How do autistic people get treated unfairly?

Because people who are considered autistic have to do things others don't have to they have to go to special places in school and sometime don't get any playground time also you are not allowed to leave a autistic child home alone.

Do autistic kids cuss?

Yes, of course Autistic children will cuss.Autistic children are little different to allistic or neurotypical children, if they are verbal then they will potentially cuss just the same as any other children. There is nothing about autism that would prevent an Autistic child from cussing or make them less likely to cuss.

What careers can and cannot autistic people have?

Autistic people can have any career they want, we're as capable as neurotypical people.In some places Autistic people may not be able to serve I military or police force, although do bare in mind many Autistic people are not diagnosed so may join without knowing or without disclosing they're Autistic.

Do autistic people know that they are autistic?

An autistic person knowing that they are autistic depends on their level of comprehension. Some autistic people have limited comprehension and they may not be able to comprehend that they are autistic. Others may be able to understand that they are "different" but not really understand why, whereas others know they are autistic and can explain their autism.

How much do professinials skateboarders get?

Professinials skateboarders get over 9000 dollars a year.

Can mild form autistic people own a gun in Indiana?

There's no such thing as a mild form of autism, autism is a neurological difference - a person is either autistic or they're not, how they're effected can be mildly and can change throughout their lives. An autistic person can own a gun in any state, there are no laws preventing autistic people from owning guns.

How do you spell autistic?

The correct spelling is "autistic."