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Q: Are there any Schools named after Babe Ruth?
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What was Babe Ruths sons name?

Babe Ruth did not have any sons.

Did Babe Ruth have any children?

he had a daughter

Did Babe Ruth have any other dreams?


Is a Babe Ruth movie going to be made soon?

There have already been several:The Babe in 1992Babe Ruth TV movie in 1991The Babe Ruth Story in 1948No plans known about any future Babe Ruth movies in production.

Did Babe Ruth win any special awards?

Babe Ruth won the American League MVP Award in 1923.

Did Babe Ruth have any sicknesses?

Yes. Ruth died of throat Cancer.

Are there any family living of Babe Ruth?

answer mine

Did babe Ruth have any brother or sisters?


Are there any Babe Ruth related tourist sites in Baltimore?

Yes the Babe Ruth Birthplace and Museum at 216 Emory Street.

Did Babe Ruth have any biological kids?

no babe Ruth did not have any kids

Did Babe Ruth win any sports awards?


Did babe Ruth adopt any kids?

yes 6

Do Grover Cleveland have any kids?

Yes. He had multiple kids. But only two of which lived over 3 years old. Ruth, Of whom the babe ruth bar is named after, and Esther.

Did Babe Ruth have any struggles in accomplishing his achievements?

yes of cores

Did Babe Ruth have any kids?

Yes, he had two daughters. He married actress Claire Hodgson in 1929. The couple had Dorothy Ruth and Julia Ruth. Babe Ruth had two adopted daughters. Dorothy Ruth was adopted by Babe and his first wife Helen. Julia Hodgson was adopted by Babe when he married his second wife, Julia's mother, Claire Merritt Hodgson.

Is there any grandchildern of Babe Ruth's living?

Babe Ruth had two daughters, Dorothy and Julia Dorothy Ruth Prione had five children and 12 grandchildren. Julia Ruth Stevens had at least one son and 2 grandchildren.

Did Babe Ruth support any charities?

No. Not that I know of but he might have supported a couple

Did babe Ruth say if you can see a hummingbirds wings you can hit any pitch?


Did Babe Ruth set any records?

yes sure he did he set a lot

Who holds the record for career walks as a batter out of any team?

I believe it is Babe Ruth

Did Babe Ruth have any pets?

yes in hi life time he had 12 dogs

Who will buy a babe Ruth and Lou gehrig signed baseball?

Any Yankee Fan

Did Babe Ruth play in any all-star games?

Two. The first All-Star game was played in 1933 and Babe Ruth played in the 1933 and 1934 All-Star game.

Does george Herman ruthe have any pets?

George Herman (Babe) Ruth does not have any pets, he died in 1948.

Did Babe Ruth hit any grand slam home runs against Detroit?