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Yes, but official statistics are unavailable at this time.

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Q: Are there any NHL hockey players that still use wood hockey sticks?
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Are any players in the NHL still playing with wood sticks?

Yes there are still some that use wood hockey sticks. There is actually a whole lot of them that still use one.

What are wood hockey sticks made out of?


What is sticks made out of?

Hockey sticks were originally made out of wood. But now a days Pro Hockey sticks are made of graphite woven from carbon. NHL players have their sticks custom made accoring to them and what makes them play better. Each player has a different way they like their sticks. The Sticks are made of graphite because they can easily bend when they're taking a shot on goal. Wood sticks can't bend.

Are wood hockey sticks better than composite hockey sticks?

Despite the fact that the integrity of the composite stick can be compromised with even minor nicks and cuts, most players choose them over wood because of their light weight and superior amount of flexibility the sticks provide which allows for greatly enhanced puck action. Composite sticks are also much more expensive.

What wood is commonly hockey used for the making of hockey sticks?

Normally, they use composite instead of wood.

What were the first hockey sticks made out of?


Who makes hespeler hockey sticks?

Hespeler hockey sticks are made by Heritage Wood Specialties. Heritage Wood Specialties bought the Hespeler brand from Bauer Nike in 2003.

What are the majority of NHL hockey sticks made of?

Almost all hockey sticks in use today are a carbon fiber/wood composite

Why types of wood are used to make hockey sticks?

Elm is the traditional wood used - DJ

What are hockey sticks made up of?

wood and plastic

When did they stark making hockey sticks with a curve?

with wood

Which wood is a hockey stick made from?

Hickory and Ash are common woods for hockey sticks.

How wooden hockey sticks are made?

they are made out of wood and then the cycle begains

What is a field hockey stick made of?

Field Hockey sticks can be made of wood or carbon and fibreglass. Wood is more old-fashioned. Carbon makes the sticks lighter and fibreglass gives them the strength so they won't break. The best sticks are mostly carbon with a bit of fibreglass.

What is a hockey stick made of?

Hockey sticks can be made of wood, composite materials, plastic, metal (in ice hockey only) or a combination of all.

What type of wood is used for wooden ice hockey sticks?

hickory and ash

What type of wood are hockey sticks made of?

Wood hockey sticks were initially made using maple until the 1920s but as supplies diminished, yellow birch and ash become more common and by 1930 onward, ash was the preferred hardwood for hockey sticks. In the 1940s hockey stick manufactures began using layers of wood epoxied together and utilizing fiberglass lamination. Today all hockey stick manufactures such as Bauer, CCM, GTS, STX and True produce their high end sticks using composite materials such as carbon fiber. These sticks are much lighter and provide more consistent performance.

What material are hockey sticks made from?

Hockey sticks are traditionally made from wood, but they are also constructed from different materials as well. These would include carbon fiber, kevlar, aluminum and fiberglass.

What is the difference between a wood hockey stick and a graphite hockey stick?

Graphite sticks are much lighter and they can flex much more.

What are ice hockey sticks made out of?

fiberglass Or wood in some casesrg

What are ice hockey sticks made of?

fiberglass Or wood in some casesrg

Are all field hockey sticks made out of wood?

No. They can be made of wood, plastic or any kind of basic material.

What are some scientific advances in hockey sticks?

The composite stick is the newest innovation in hockey stick technology advancement. They have a higher flex rating and are lighter in weight compared to wood and/or aluminum sticks.

How have ice hockey sticks changed over time?

They used to be wood. Now a majority of the sticks used are made of composite. They make the shots harder.

Do composite hockey sticks shoot faster than wood sticks?

Yes they do. And the reason why is because composite hockey sticks have flex usually at the middle part of the shaft or lower part of the shaft by the blade. A hockey stick flexing can be slighty compared to putting mashed potatoes on your spoon, pulling back, and letting it fly.