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Yes. I dont know all of them, but Antonio Gates in San Diego played College Basketball.

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2010-01-25 21:56:39
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Q: Are there any NFL players who did not play football in college?
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Do all college football players get to play in the NFL?

No. Not all college football players go to the NFL, not even all division 3 college football players go into the NFL

Do you need to play college football to be in the NFL?

No, but most players do.

How many NFL players didn't play football in college?


How many University of Miami Florida college football players have gone on to play in the NFL?

260 athletes have gone on to play professional football in the NFL

Are NFL players required to attend college?

NFL players are not required to attend college. Still, it is quite difficult for a football player to gain the skills necessary to play in the NFL without playing college football. Still, a few European soccer players have been kickers in the NFL.

Do the college football players or the professional football players play first?

College football season normal starts before the NFL season does. College is normally 3 weeks into their season before the pros start.

How do you import players from college football to NFL football?

you draft them

How do you get to play for the NFL when you did not play college football?

Most NFL teams will have open tryouts. Including players who were not drafted, players from semi-pro teams, free agents and players from other sports. Notable NFL players who never played college football are Antonio Gates (San Diego Tight End who played Basketball in college) and Carlton Hasselrig (Pittsburgh Linebacker who Wrestled in college).

What Percent of college football players that get drafted?

Approximately 7% of all college football players get drafted into the NFL.

How many college football players get drafted by THE NFL?


Should college football players leave college early to go to the nfl?


Do all college football players go to the nfl?

No. You have to be drafted

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