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Notre Dame is a Catholic School but they will except anyone ( who reaches requirements). Religion doesn't really matter at most schools. So to answer your question yes, there are Jews at the University of Notre Dame.

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Q: Are there any Jews at Notre Dame university?
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How many collegiate football all Americans has the university of notre dame produced?

The University of Notre Dame has produced 96 All Americans, the most of any team in the Football Bowl Subdivision.

Does it cost any money to get into Notre Dame?


How many university of Michigan players have been drafted into the NFL?

a lil bit more than 400 made pro from notre dame and more people frome notre dame have went pro then from any other college

Which language does Notre Dame derive from?

Notre Dame is not actually derived from any language, it is pure French literally meaning "Our Lady" in reference to the Virgin Mary. There are several cathedrals in France named this, most famously the Cathedral in Paris that was the setting for the tale of The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo.

Did any important events happen at The Notre Dame Cathedral?


Why arent there any names on the Notre Dame uniforms?

Unity not individual acclaim

Can you walk on to the Notre Dame Football team?

Yes, you can walk on to any team in any sport.

Has Alabama ever beat Notre Dame?

Notre Dame Notre Dame Since there is no "official" national champion in FBS college football, the answer would depend upon the criteria you want to use. According to the schools themselves, Alabama claims 13 while Notre Dame claims 11. But each school uses different and subjective criteria to determine which seasons are "claimed" as championships. Most researchers would argue that Alabama's criteria is somewhat looser than ND's, and that if the same qualifications were applied to each school, ND would have at least 13 as well. If you count the total number of seasons where ANY recognized selector chose Alabama or Notre Dame as champion, then Notre Dame has 21 while Alabama has 17. If you only count seasons where the school finished #1 in either the AP or the UPI/Coaches poll, the two schools are tied with 8 titles each. If you only count BCS championships, Alabama leads 1-0.

How many national championships has notre dame won in all sports?

Zero, they have not yet won a national championship, they did go to a final four under Digger Phelps.

When was the last time Notre Dame won any national championship in any sport?

Notre Dame has been voted "national champion" by at least one selector in an additional eight seasons (1919, 1920, 1927, 1964, 1967, 1970, 1989, 1993). (source:

Did William Tecumseh Sherman had any job?

William Tecumseh Sherman was a military officer from 1840-1853 and from 1861-1883. After the military retirement of General Grant, Sherman was commanding general of all US Army forces. From 1853-1861, according to University of Notre Dame archivists, Sherman was "a banker in California, a lawyer in Ohio, a superintendent of a military academy in Louisiana (forerunner of Louisiana State University), and president of a street railway in St. Louis." The following link is to the Sherman family papers at the University of Notre Dame Archives.

What activities are there to do at The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris?

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris does not charge to visit. One can enter the cathedral at any time and can pray and attend worship. One can also attend the "Night Shows" which take place every Thursday and Saturday night.