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no mexis aloud

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Q: Are there any Hispanic or Latino lacrosse players on NCAA teams?
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Are there any Hispanic lacrosse players on professional Lax teams?

no, the closest one would be a Brazilian

Who first played lacrosse?

The two teams each had 12 players, which decreased the amount of players in Native American lacrosse. The two teams were the Upper Canada College and the Toronto Cricket Club.

Do national lacrosse league teams play major league lacrosse teams?

No National Lacrosse league is indoors and major league lacrosse is outdoors

What is Latino night in NBA?

Latino night is the teams doing a reamacth

Are there any childrens lacrosse teams in the Territories of Canada?

Yes, Canada is the most popular country in the world for youth lacrosse. Obviously, the US has the college teams but many hockey players in Canada find lacrosse very simliar to hockey and take it as a a great spring conditioning oppertunity

What are New Jerseys select lacrosse teams?

Steps lacrosse

How many players are on a womens lacrosse team?

there are 11 on the field not including the golie but most teams have 16-18 on a roster

What kind of field do lacrosse players play on?

Some teams especially up north in Maryland and New York where lacrosse is popular have their own fields designated for lacrosse but everywhere else usually uses the football fields. They are basically the same length and width.

How many lacrosse teams worldwide are there?


Is there any lacrosse teams in Bakersfield?

Not professional

When did Ivy schools have lacrosse teams?

in the future!

How many lacrosse teams are in Canada?

A lot

How many international lacrosse teams are there?


Who are some of the top travel Lacrosse teams in Massachusetts?

3d lacrosse new england

What do girls lacrosse players wear?

goggles eye and nose protection mouth guarder teeth protection and your teams uniform- often a skirt/kilt

How many teams are in the national lacrosse league?

For the 2011 season there are 10 teams.

Is Lacrosse a team sport?

Yes; lacrosse is played by two teams of 10 members each.

How many players in each lacrosse team?

There are 10 players from each team on the field at a time. 3 attackmen 3 midfielders 3 defensemen 1 goalie Most youth teams have 8 or 9 subs so they will have about 18 players on the entire team. Some college teams dress up to 40 players a game.

When do lacrosse teams stop practicing?

we practice is over

What teams are there?

There are a variety of types of teams out there. For example, there are many soccer teams, football teams, and baseball teams. There are also hockey teams, lacrosse teams, and more.

Does college lacrosse 2011 have real teams?

If you are asking whether the teams exist then yes

What season is lacrosse mostly played in?

Lacrosse (in P&R teams) is usually played in the spring. That is the standard Lacrosse season. Some Travel teams play summer through fall, and in the winter there are sometimes indoor seasons

How many colleges have lacrosse teams?

i think mostly all of them do

How many Division 1 lacrosse teams are there?

61 as of 2011

How many high school lacrosse teams are there in America?