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Two most famous players from Uruguay today are dingo Forlan and Luis Suarez.

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Q: Who are the most famous Uruguayan soccer players of 2010?
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What players are the best soccer players of 2010?

It is Ronaldinho and C.Ronaldo

What famous soccer players wore number 3?

Paolo Maldini -Italy and AC Milan, Gareth Bale-Totteham Hotspur (2010)

Who is the highest paid soccer players in 2010-2011?

Lionel messi

When did Josรฉ Carbajal - Uruguayan musician - die?

José Carbajal - Uruguayan musician - died on 2010-10-21.

Who are the players in the Portugal 2010 world cup soccer team?

one of them is Cristiano Ronaldo

What are the best players to sign on Pro Evolution Soccer 2010?

Pato of AC Milan and Brazil.

How many players in soccer have scored from the centre of the soccer pitch?

Only 3 players have scored from the half-way line is soccer since 1950. Xavi Alonso for Liverpool( EPL 2008) and Hugo Roddelega(EPL 2010) for Wigan and Maradona for Argentina. ( International '79)

How do you substitute on Real Soccer 2010 for iPod Touch?

just go to game plan and substitute players

Current world richest soccer players in the month march 2010?

Premier league its Adebayor, i think

Who is the best soccer player of 2010?

Casillas and p.chec are the best goalies and c.ronaldo, ronaldinho and messi are the best players.

List of 100 Tallest Soccer Players at FIFA 2010?

Don't know them all but van hout is 6ft10

Is the 2010 Brazil soccer team made of prisoners?

no it is actually made of some of the best players in the world, and no they are not prisoners

What instruments are used for cheering soccer players all over the world?

In the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa the soccer fans have been rooting their favorite teams and players on with a type of horn called a Vuvuzela. These horns are very loud and some people are trying to get these horns banned from soccer games due to their loudness.

Who won the FIFA golden ball 2010?

The 2010 F.i.f.A Golden Ball winner was the Uruguayan footballer Diego Forlan.

Which sporting event is Frijji sponsoring in June 2010?

frijj is a milk shake famous in the uk............. it is sponsoring the am soccer game in 2010

Identify and list two internal and five external stakeholders in the 2010 soccer world cup?

Board members players

Who got the golden ball in FIFA 2010?

The Uruguayan striker Diego Forlan won the golden ball in the 2010 world ciup.

Famous christian soccer player who is still alive?

Kaka is a famous Brazilian christian soccer player who as of 2010 is still part of the Brazilian world cup team and also plays for Real Madrid. He is a devout evangelical christian and talks about his faith a lot.

Who are the soccer players for Spain in 2010?

They are casillas, Puyol, capadevalla, Ramos, Fabregas, Xavi Alonso, xavi, , Torres, David villa, Bousquets, , D Silva.

What Australian soccer players were sent off in the world cup?

The Australians to be shown a red card in the world cup, 2010 are Tim Cahil and Harry Kewell.

Who is the most famous soccer player in 2010?

Ricardo Kaka. Because in my school every body voted kaka

Who is the best soccer player for 2010?

Messi is the top one but there's still other good players like Ronaldo,Ronaldinho,Dos Santos, and so on.

Who are the players for the Portugal soccer team?

the Portugal players are Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, simao, liedson, Raul meireles, deco, Miguel veloso, Paulo Fernandes, Ricardo carvalho, Pepe, Bruno alves and beto. those are the starting eleven for the 2010 worldcup.

What is Ghana famous for?

Ghana is famous for being the first country to free itself from colonial rule in 1957, by the leader Kwame Nkrumah.Ghana is perhaps most known for it's soccer team(2010).

What are the release dates for Fun to Grow On - 2010 Garage Soccer - 1.16?

Fun to Grow On - 2010 Garage Soccer - 1.16 was released on: USA:2010