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Yes there is one call desert united

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Q: Are there Any websites with pro soccer tryout info?
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look at this is open tryouts with alots of pro clubs on the sideline.

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How does someone who should be playing professional soccer get noticed?

The first thing this person must do is contact a sports agent. These can be found in the local phone book. The agent's can vary in prices, and depending on your financial leeway, you will be arranged a tryout with various soccer organizations. Remember, playing soccer for any organization is better than not playing at all. Good luck.

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try out! they hold many try-out throughout the united states and any other country! look on google for addresses of the next tryout spots for different teams. try out for multiple teams so if one doesnt take you, then another might.

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Don't know. I couldn't find any

Hello I am 14 years old and my birthday is October 7 1995 does Anyone know any good competitive soccer club i can tryout for around the areas of san Luis santa maria santa Barbara ventura or AG?

yes try david beckhams academy

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== == Each states code specifies what must be in the "right to cure" letter sent before a repo.

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NO, if you are hiding something... that is really bad because the parents are suppose to trust the babysitter!!!!!!

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It depends on what info you want.. x I just type in what I wanna know and look at diffrent websites.

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