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Niether. 53

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Q: Are there 45 or 47 players on an NFL game day roster?
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How many players are on an active NfL roster on regular season?

An NFL team can have 53 players on an active roaster but only 46 can dress on game day.

How many players are on a NFL team after the pre season?

There can be no more than 53 players on an active team roster. There is also a stipulation that a team may only carry 45 players on its game day roster, so the team must decide each week on which 8 players will be inactive, or 7 if they carry a 3rd QB.

How many quarterbacks are on an NFL roster?

During the regular season teams will usually have three QBs on the roster and all three will dress on game day.

How many players are on each NFL football team?

There can be no more than 53 players on an active team roster. There is also a stipulation that a team may only carry 45 players on its game day roster, so the team must decide each week on which 8 players will be inactive, or 7 if they carry a 3rd quarterback.

What does NFL inactive mean?

15 minutes before a regulation NFL game, both teams must present an "Inactive" list of 8 players to the officials. That means of a team's 53 man roster, only 45 may participate in the game itself. The lone exception is if the team has a 3rd string quarterback on the inactive list. There are separate rules for the 3rd string QB and how he may participate in a game, if at all. The question then is, why have an inactive list? It's an attempt by the NFL to create a competitive balance on game day. Due to the brutal nature of the sport, a team can carry players on its 53 man roster that may be too injured to play in that game, but not so injured that they need to be put on Injured Reserve and miss the rest of the season. Having an inactive list that removes 8 players on game day, basically guarantees that both teams will have the same number of healthy players available on game day, whether or not the 8 inactive players are truly injured. I do not know why 8 was chosen. Quite naturally, the reasoning for an inactive list is controversial. Teams still must pay the inactive player their entire game day salary, and must pay to transport, feed, and lodge their inactive players on road trips. Also, limiting the amount of active players puts more players at risk of injury as it is more difficult to rest starters in blowouts, and regular players must also contribute more on special teams.

How do NFL owner play the players?

The NFL owners pay players with game checks, which is a weekly check paid out to a player after each week of regular season football. In addition some contracts call for a large payment up front each season, which are called signing bonuses or roster bonuses, which are typically payable on the first day of a new League year.

What is a baseball roster?

A baseball roster is a roster that typically consists of active players for a baseball game such as for example in Major League Baseball all 30 teams have a 25-man roster starting from Opening Day of the regular season until and including games on August 31st however starting on September 1st all teams are allowed to call up any players that are not on their 25-man roster but are currently on their 40-man roster, teams will have 40-man rosters as their active roster until the end of the season.

How many players can be on a NHL roster?

NHL roster size is 23 players, but only 20 players are allowed in any game. A normal game roster includes 12 forwards, 6 defensmen, and 2 goaltenders. The other 3 players are "scratches" and cannot participate in that game. Their purpose is to fill in if another player becomes ill or injured and is unable to play. These roster swaps are not allowed during the game though, only before the game starts. The only exception is if a teams starting and backup goaltender are both injured during a game and can't continue playing. In this case, the team is allowed to find any person they choose to serve as the emergency goaltender for the remainder of that game.

How many baseball players in the major league are allowed to play on game day?

Before I answer the question, I need to clarify something here. There are several rosters for each Major League team. You have the Forty-man roster, which is a roster of all protected players, and the 25-man roster, or the active roster. Players on the 7- or-15-day disabled list are on the 40-man roster. Players on the 60-day disabled list are not on the 40-man roster. The active roster is a roster of players eligible to play on any given day and is limited to 25 men from Opening Day to August 31. So, from Opening Day through August 31, the maximum number of players that can appear in a game is 25. As a practical matter, it is very rare that all 25 men on an active roster would appear in a game. The next day's starting pitcher would almost never appear in a game. Often-times, since many teams carry only 2 catchers, it would be semi-rare for the backup catcher to appear in case of injury to the starting catcher, but it happens rather frequently. So, while 25 *could* appear - for each team for a total of 50 - , it is unlikely that more than 23 *would* appear. An exception to this rule might be a suspended game (tied late in the game or that a visiting team had just taken the lead and the home team did not have a chance to catch up and that could not continue for curfew reasons, lighting malfunctions, legal reasons or weather-related reasons) where one or both teams made a roster move between dates, the additional players *might* be eligible to play when the suspended game is resumed. It happened between the Braves and the Mets in 1978(?). So, under a suspended game, more than 25 men might be eligible to appear in a game. This is governed by Rule 4.12. On September 1, a team can call up the remainder of its 40-man roster. So, after September 1 through the end of the season, the maximum that could participate in a game is 40 for each team for a total of 80 between the two teams.

Why can't all 53 players on NFL team suit up on game day?

Because 54 would be one too many.

What is the date for the 2011 NFL championship game?

what day is the NFL Championship Game

Which NCAA school had the most players on NFL rosters as of 2004?

The University of Michigan had 45 active players on NFL rosters in 2004 The University of Miami had the most on opening day rosters for 2004. Here's a web page you can use to download an Excel file of rosters: Opening day roster belongs to Miami. But Florida and Notre Dame share for most active in 2004 at 40. I believe??