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For the 2010-2011 season I don't think they will. But if they play good and strong they might have a chance.

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Q: Are the suns going to make the playoffs?
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Do the Suns have a chance to make the playoffs?

They are pretty much done for the season.

Who is going to win the 2010 playoffs?

I think the Orlando magic but i am a suns fan so i say ORLANDO

Who won the playoffs between the Phoenix Suns and the Portland Trailblazers?

Phoenix suns

What teams have the suns beat in the 2010 playoffs?


Which team won the 2010 playoffs for basketball?

The team that won the 2010 playoffs were the Phoenix Suns.

What team swept the San Antonio Spurs in playoffs?

Phoenix Suns

Are the Jets going to make the playoffs this year?


What team won the 2006 basketball playoffs against the Lakers?

Phoenix Suns.

Are the Toronto raptors going to make it to the playoffs?

It is a 65 % chance they will make it and 35% chance they won't make they playoffs. If they beat Atlanta Hawks Detroit Pistons,New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls then they are in the playoffs but if they don't beat 2 teams out of 4 then they won't make it to the playoffs.

Did the Phoenix Suns beat the Los Angeles Lakers in 1993 in the semi-finals?

no the Suns beat the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs in 1993. series was 3-2 suns

What team knocked the Lakers out of the playoffs in both 2006 and 2007?

The Phoenix Suns knocked the L.A Lakers out of the playoffs in both 2006 & 2007.

How many years did the phoenix suns reach the NBA playoffs?

29 out of 43 season's.